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Tenders & Requests for Proposal

Copy of Tender Ad


Note for Tenders or RFP's issued by the Township:

Bidders are responsible for providing contact information to the Township ie: Fax Number or Email Address, to ensure that contact can be made in the case of any addendums to a document.

 Township of Selwyn

2020 Gravel Crushing Tender

pdf copy of Gravel Crushing Tender

The Township of Selwyn is requesting a Tender Price from capable respondents for Crushing approximately 18,000 tonne of Pit Run with a Breaker to be screened through a 1(one) inch screen to make 3/4 inch gravel. Oversize stone is to be crushed to a ½ inch stone which must pass through a 9/16 inch mesh screen to be screened into 3/8 inch stone. Specifications attached hereto as Schedule “B”.

It is understood that the information in the Statement of Qualifications and the Price shall be the general basis for the selection of the respondent for this Tender. The scoring evaluation Section 5.0 shall consider each respondent's ability to perform in the service area, their experience, delivery time, and quoted price.

The Township reserves the right to reject any or all Proposals or to accept any Proposal should it be deemed to be in its best interest to do so.

Each respondent shall submit two (2) copies of their qualification information, the completed Schedule "A" and "B" and other requested respondent information no later than 11:59:59 am (according to the Administration lobby clock) Thursday, March  12, 2020 to the Township of Selwyn as follows:

Delivery (courier) Address (do not mail)

Township of Selwyn
1310 Centre Line,
Selwyn, Ontario
K9J 6X5

The outside of the shipping carton/envelope must be clearly marked with the following;

  1. "2020 Gravel Crushing”
  2. Respondent’s name
  3. Respondent’s mailing address.

Any Proposal received after the above deadline will be returned unopened to the respondent.

Opening of the Tender Submissions will take place at the Township of Selwyn Municipal Offices, 1310 Centre Line, Selwyn, Ontario at 12:05 pm Thursday March 12, 2020. 

If any respondent has questions concerning the Qualifications and Tender, finds discrepancies or omissions in the solicitation document, or requires clarifications, such matters should be submitted in writing to:

Rick Dunford, Manager of Public Works
P.O. Box 270, Bridgenorth, Ontario, K0L 1H0
Telephone: 705-292-9507
Fax: 705-292-6491

All bidders who obtain a copy of the Tender package are required to contact Rick Dunford, Manager of Public Works to advise of the same should any addenda or clarifications be issued with respect to the proposal document.

The municipality reserves the right to supplement, add to, delete from, and change this solicitation document.  Respondents will be advised by fax or e-mail of any changes that are made providing that contact with the Manager of Public Works has been made as described above.

The municipality reserves the right to request additional data or information after the Proposal is received, if such data or information is considered pertinent, in the Township's sole view, to aid the review and evaluation process.

Contact with the Township of Selwyn Council members is prohibited and can be considered as grounds for disqualification from the selection process.