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Lakefield Sanitary Sewer Upgrade Municipal Class Environmental Assessment


Notice of Completion Township of Selwyn Lakefield Sanitary Servicing Upgrades Municipal Class Environmental Assessment Schedule B (Phase 1 & 2)

The Township of Selwyn completed a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) study to examine deficiencies and constraints with the Lakefield Sanitary System and identify the preferred solution to address the identified problem/opportunity. The planning of this project has proceeded as a Schedule B undertaking in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment document, October 2000, as amended in 2007, 2011 and 2015 and prepared by the Municipal Engineers Association.

Upgrades to the existing sanitary system are considered necessary to address current system and operational issues, including deficiencies with the George Street Sewage Pumping Station (SPS), and to ensure the system is capable of providing sanitary servicing to meet the future demands of the community including servicing of the Lakefield South Development Area (LSDA).

The preferred long-term servicing strategy represents a scenario where a new SPS would be constructed within the eastern portion of the LSDA (as required in the future) to provide local sanitary servicing by collecting and pumping sewage (via a new forcemain) to the western portion of the LSDA, from where it would flow by gravity to a new (replacement) George Street SPS.

Short-term implementation of the preferred solution involves replacement of the existing George Street SPS, including twinning of the existing forcemain under the Otonabee River, as well as replacement of existing sanitary sewers on Fraser Street (between George Street & Smith Street) and the extension of new sanitary sewers from Fraser Street & Smith Street to Bridge Street & Park Street (unopened road allowance).

A Schedule B - Phase 1 and 2 Report has been prepared for this project. The report describes the problem/opportunity, the assessment of alternatives and the preferred solution, as well as public, stakeholder and review agency consultation during the study.

This Notice of Completion places the Phase 1 and 2 Report on public record for review. The report is available for viewing on-line or in person during normal business hours at the following location.

  • Township of Selwyn - Planning Department - 1310 Centre Line, Selwyn, Ontario, K9J 6X5

The 30 day public review period will commence on June 17, 2016. Interested parties may provide written comments on the Class EA for the Lakefield Sanitary System Upgrades to the Township of Selwyn or its consultant (D.M. Wills Associates Limited) at the following addresses.

Township of Selwyn
P.O. Box 270
Bridgenorth, ON K0L 1H0
R. Lane Vance
Manager of Financial Services /Treasurer Project Manager
Phone: (705) 292-9507 Ext. 217

D.M. Wills Associates Ltd.
150 Jameson Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 0B9
Phil Porter, P. Eng.
Phone: (705) 742-2297 Ext. 228

Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice of Completion, and receipt of other approvals as required, the Township of Selwyn intends to proceed with the detailed design and construction of works identified for this project. Comments must be submitted not later than July 18, 2016.

If concerns with respect to this project, cannot be resolved through discussions with the Township of Selwyn, there is an opportunity for members of the public, review agencies or other interested parties to request that the Minister of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) issue a Part II Order for the project. A request for a Part II Order must be received by the Minister and Director - Environmental Approvals Branch of the MOECC, not later than July 18, 2016 (within 30 days of this Notice) at the addresses below.

Minister of the Environment and Climate Change

77 Wellesley Street West, 11th Floor, Toronto, ON M7A 2T5

Director - Environmental Approvals Branch - Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change

135 St. Clair Avenue West, 1st Floor, Toronto, ON M4V 1P5

A copy of the request for a Part II Order must also be sent to the Township of Selwyn (P.O. Box 270, Bridgenorth, ON K0L 1H0 - Attention: R. Lane Vance - Manager of Financial Services /Treasurer).

This Notice of Completion issued June 17, 2016.