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Discretionary Septic Inspections


Septic Inspections – Ensuring Your System Works!

The Township of Selwyn is in the process of establishing a municipal septic system re-inspection program for systems that are 10 years old or older.  In cooperation with Peterborough Public Health, the Township will arrange to have property owners’ septic systems inspected once every 10 years.

The development of the proposed program is as a result of Council’s desire to proactively protect our ecosystems, to keep our lakes clean and healthy and to ensure safe drinking water.  Our lakes also play an important role in our tourism economy and keeping them clean and healthy contributes to the overall vibrancy and health of our community. 

The program will help to ensure that private septic systems within the Township are treating waste properly.  Poorly designed, installed or maintained septic systems can have serious environmental and health impacts by leaching waste into our water systems. 

The plan is to commence inspections in 2019 with the goal to have 650 properties inspected each year over a ten-year period -the map demonstrates the various inpections zones.

The process will be as follows: 

  • Residents will receive a letter early in the year from Peterborough Public Health advising that their system is to be inspected.  Included in the letter will be a questionnaire for property owners to complete regarding the status and use of their system i.e. age of system, number of toilets, location etc…
  • Residents are then requested to return the questionnaire to Peterborough Public Heath, who will then schedule an inspection. 
  • Property owners are not required to be present for the inspection however, property owners are responsible for ensuring that the septic system is accessible for inspection.  This may require the removal of soil to ensure access to the lid of the system. 
  • Any obvious signs of system malfunction or high-risk failure will be identified at this stage.  For most systems, no further investigation will be required and an Inspection Certificate will be issued.  

Peterborough Public Health charges $325.00 for the inspection plus a $5.00 Township administration fee.  Payment of the inspection will be done through a special charge on the tax bill of each land owner who receives an inspection.  Payment for the service will be collected the year following the inspection. For example: if your inspection took place in 2019; the fee would be applied to your tax bill in 2020. 

The Township of Selwyn held a Public Open House where residents could learn more and provide thier feedback about the proposed program and its implementation.

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