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2014 Tax Budget


 2014 Budget Meeting Schedule

December 2013 to January 2014 - Departments to develop draft budgets, Boards and Committees to consider budget needs

February 3, 2014 - Department Managers, Boards and Committees to submit budget to Finance

March 7, 2014 - 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Special Council Meeting - Draft 2014 Municipal Taxation Budget

March 11, 2014 - 5:00 PM - Part of Regular Council meeting - Public Meeting Presentation of the Proposed 2014 Budget

March 25, 2014 - 7:00 PM - Part of Regular Council meeting - Adopt the 2014 Municipal Budget

December 16, 2014 - 9:00 AM - Special Meeting Pre-budget - Work Plans (same as above)

Budget Presentations

Budget Documents


Summary by Department

Each Township Department is listed below by Department # - please click on the department name to view a brief narrative as well as a summary of the budget worksheet relevant to that particular department.

General Government - Department 5

This department provides financial services and administrative support to Council and all other department to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of all municipal services

Properties and Facilities - Department 6 - Capital Items

This department was established to meet present and future capital expenditures for replacement, modification, enhancements and major repairs of all municipal facilities.

Economic Development - Department 7

The Economic Development Department was established in 2003 in response to the Economic Strategy 2002-2012 plan adopted by Council in 2002. This department contains all costs required to initiate and oversee Township community and economic development opportunities.

Department 8 - Solar Initiatives - Department 8

This department is new in the 2013 budget package and includes the revenues and expenses for the Township's three (3) microFIT solar installations.

Fire Services - Department 10

The Fire Service operates from five halls located as follows: Hall 1 - Bridgenorth, Hall 2 - Lakefield, Hall 3 - Young's Point, Hall 4 - Curve Lake and Hall 5 - Ennismore.

Police Services - Department 11

This department includes all policing costs incurred for both Police Services: the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) and the Peterborough Lakefield Community Police Service.

These costs are funded through two area rates with the assessment in the Smith, Ennismore and Douro-Dummer wards applied against the annual net costs for O.P.P and the assessment in the Lakefield ward applied against the annual net costs for Peterborough-Lakefield Police services.

The O.P.P. provides contract policing to the rural wards of the Township.

The Peterborough-Lakefield Police Service provides policing to the Lakefield Ward.

Conservation Authority - Department 12

The ORCA levy is a requisition based on the budget that has been approved by the Otonabee Conservation Board. The requisition is financed and presented as a part of the Municipal tax levy, not as a separate levy on the tax bill. The levy is apportioned with a formula based on the current value assessment of the member municipalities.

Protective Inspection and Control - Department 13

This department includes those revenues and expenditures relating to building and plumbing inspections, small animal control, dog tag licensing, by-law enforcement and 911 sign maintenance and mapping updates.

Building Department Equipment - Department 14

This department captures revenues and expenses related to Building Department equipment.

Roadways - Department 20

This department captures expenses related to the Townships road network related to maintenance and construction. It is also the home cost center for road employees and reflects the departments overhead expenses such as vacation and sick time, payroll benefits, administrative expenses and building expenses.

The Roads Need Study was completed in late 2002 and has been used to prioritize the existing program previously completed by the Manager of Public Works.

Winter Control - Department 21

All functions related to the clearing, removal and control of snow and ice from Township roadways are included in department 21.

Public Works Equipment - Department 22

This department is used to record all of the revenues generated by the Township's Public Works equipment. Likewise it records all of the costs of maintaining the public works fleet and equipment.

Each piece of equipment is charged out at an hourly rate, save and except the pick up trucks that are charged out on an annual basis.

As noted in the past the hourly rate is intended to fund, not only the repairs, licensing, insurance and fuel to operate the equipment, but also eventual replacement of that equipment.

Street Lights - Department 23

Streetlights in various parts of the Municipality are the responsibility of the Township.

Gravel Pits and Adjoining Lands - Department 24

The Township is continuing with the practice of charging out aggregates from the Township owned pits. This internal charge out reflects not only the expenditures associated with the crushing/processing but also includes the residual pit costs and the actual material/aggregate.

Waste Management - Department 33

This Department provides for curbside garbage collection throughout the Township and the operation and maintenance of the Townships two landfill sites.

Parks, Open Spaces and Public Properties - Department 40

This department includes all revenues and expenses to maintain the parks, sports fields and open spaces within the municipality. In addition, it captures all of the revenues and expenses associated with the Lakefield Campground, the Lakefield Marina, the Marshland Centre and the Centennial Room.

Recreation Programs - Department 41

This Department is used to track revenues and expenses for the specific recreation programs and events that are operated/sponsored by the Municipality.

Lakefield-Smith Community Centre - Department 42 and Department 43 - Overview


Lakefield-Smith Community Centre - Department 42

The budget provides for the operation of the Lakefield-Smith Community Centre facility to be funded from the revenue that is generated by the user fees and operating receipts.

Ennismore Community Centre - Department 43

The budget provides for the operation of the Ennismore Community Centre facility to be funded from the revenue that is generated by the user fees and operating receipts.

Library Services - Department 44

The Library Board and staff continue to implement and be guided by the Library Services Plan.

The Board is committed to the continuation of three branches within the Township library system, one each in Bridgenorth, Ennismore and Lakefield.

Parks Equipment - Department 45

This department captures revenues and expenses related to parks equipment.

Ennismore Multi-Use Building - Department 46

There is an agreement in place with the Ennismore Curling Club for the lease of the Multi-Use Building, the term of which extends to December 31, 2012.

Planning - Department 50

This department includes those revenues and expenditures relating to the processing of planning applications, committee of adjustment applications and customer information requests.