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2020 Tax Budget


2020 Budget Meeting Schedule

November 21, 2019

December 12, 2019:

January 16, 2020:

January 28, 2020:

Budget Documents

Summary by Department

Each Township Department is listed below by Department #. Please click on the department name to view a brief narrative as well as a summary of the budget worksheet relevant to that particular department.

General Government - Department 5

This Department provides financial services and administrative support to Council and all other Departments to ensure the effective and efficient delivery of all Municipal Services. The Department is also responsible for the ongoing maintenance and development of the Township's Emergency Planning program.

Properties and Facilities - Department 6 - Capital Items

This department was established to meet present and future capital expenditures for replacement, modification, enhancements and major repairs of all municipal facilities. Land purchases for general municipal purposes are traditionally funded through this department.

As well, this cost centre captures revenues and expenses for those municipal buildings that are vacant or leased as rental properties.

Economic Development - Department 7

This department contains all costs required to initiate and oversee Township Community and Economic Development opportunities.

Solar Initiatives - Department 8

This department includes the revenues and expenses for the Township solar installations.

The microFIT installations are roof top solar and located at 1310 Centre Line, 8 Queen Street and 832 Charles Street. The three (3) twenty year contracts pay 80.2 cents per kilowatt hour for energy transmitted directly to the grid.

The FIT installations are also roof top solar and are located at 1280 Centre Line, 275 Queen Street and 553 Ennis Road. The three (3) twenty year contracts pay 34.5 cents per kilowatt hour, 34.5 cents per kilowatt hour, and 32.9 cents per kilowatt hour respectively, for energy transmitted directly to the grid.

Fire Services - Department 10

The Fire Service operates from five halls located as follows: Hall 1 - Bridgenorth, Hall 2 - Lakefield, Hall 3 - Young's Point, Hall 4 - CurveLake and Hall 5 - Ennismore. As well, Hall 6 - Slaters Corners is utilized for department storage.

Police Services - Department 11

This department includes all policing costs incurred for both Police Services: the Ontario Provincial Police (O.P.P.) and the Peterborough Police Service.

These costs are funded through two area rates with the assessment in the Smith, Ennismore and Douro-Dummer wards applied against the annual net costs for O.P.P and the assessment in the Lakefield ward applied against the annual net costs for Peterborough Police Services.

Conservation Authority - Department 12

The Otonabee Region Conservation Authority (ORCA) levy is a requisition based on the budget that has been approved by the Otonabee Region Conservation Board.

The requisition is funded and presented as a separate levy on the tax bill.

Protective Inspection and Control - Department 13

This department is commonly referred to as the 'Building Department' and includes those revenues and expenditures relating to building and plumbing inspections, small animal control, dog tag licensing, By-law enforcement and 911 sign maintenance and mapping updates.

Building Department Equipment - Department 14

This department captures revenues and expenses related to the two building department trucks.

Roadways - Department 20

Department 20, captures expenses related to the Township road network in relation to maintenance and construction. It is the "home" cost center reflecting employee overhead such as vacation, sick time, retirement benefits, payroll benefits, benefit costs associated with retired employees, administrative expenses and building expenses.

Winter Control - Department 21

Department 21 includes all functions related to the clearing, removal and control of snow and ice from township roadways, Township facility parking lots and sidewalks.

Public Works Equipment - Department 22

Department 22 is used to record the revenue generated by internally charging out the Public Works equipment. Likewise, it records the cost of maintaining and replacing the public works fleet and related equipment.

Street Lights - Department 23

Streetlights in various parts of the municipality are the responsibility of the Township. Certain streetlights at controlled intersections are covered by the authority responsible for traffic signalization. (i.e. the County or Province)

Street lighting throughout the Township is traditionally present in settlement and built up areas only. The Township currently has responsibility for approximately 620 streetlights throughout the municipality.

Gravel Pits and Adjoining Lands - Department 24

The Township charges out aggregates from the Township owned pits. This internal charge out reflects not only the expenditures associated with crushing/processing, it also includes the residual pit costs and the actual material/aggregate.

Transportation Services - Department 25

The Province has committed a total of $1.48 million to support a three-year transportation pilot through the Ministry of Transportation Community Transportation Grant. The City of Peterborough has entered into a contract with the Township to operate the transit service. The operation will be evaluated throughout the pilot time frame with a long term plan developed at the end of the three year term.

Waste Management - Department 33

This Waste Management Department captures costs of waste collection throughout the Township, the operation and maintenance of the Smith Landfill site and annual monitoring of the former Ennismore landfill site.

Curbside garbage collection throughout the Township is provided through a contract. Waste picked up at the curb is deposited at the County/City landfill site at Bensfort Road.

Stormwater Management - Department 34

This Department provides for the operations and capital investments in the Township stormwater collection system and stormwater collection ponds.

Parks and Public Spaces - Department 40

This department includes all revenues and expenses to maintain the parks, sports fields, trails, open spaces and facility grounds within the municipality.

In addition, it captures all of the revenues and expenses associated with revenue generating facilities including the Lakefield Marina, Lakefield Campground (operator agreement), Marshland Centre, Scout Building and Bridgenorth Community Hall.

Recreation Supported Festivals - Department 41

This Department is used to track revenues and expenses for various Township Festivals and Events that are coordinated by volunteer committees such as; Polarfest, Jazz Festival, Shamrock Festival and Tractor-Pull through the Parks and Recreation Department.

Lakefield-Smith Community Centre - Department 42

The Lakefield-Smith Community Centre continues to operate with deficits. The deficit will be cleared with a transfer from OMPF.

Ennismore Community Centre - Department 43

The Ennismore Community Centre recorded an operating deficit. The deficit will be cleared with a transfer from OMPF.

Library Services - Department 44

The Selwyn Public Library consists of branches located in Bridgenorth, Ennismore, and Lakefield. The three branches work within one library service, sharing collections, staff, and programming. All branches are supported by an extensive volunteer network.

Parks Equipment - Department 45

This department is similar to Department 14 Building Equipment, as it captures revenues and expenses related to parks equipment.

Ennismore Multi-Use Building - Department 46

The lease agreement with the Ennismore Curling Club was renewed in January 2018 for the Multi-Use Building for a five year term.

Planning - Department 50

This department includes revenues and expenditures relating to the processing of planning applications, committee of adjustment applications and customer information requests.