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Committee of Adjustment Agenda Nov 25 2014


Township of Selwyn

Tuesday, November 25, 2014 - 6:15 PM


Council Chambers
1310 Centre Line
Township of Selwyn

 pdf Copy of Committee of Adjustment Agenda


1.     Call To Order


2.     Disclosure of "Pecuniary Interest & The General Nature Thereof"


3.     Deputations and/or Invited Persons


4.     Minor Variance Applications & Staff Reports

Consent Reports:

a)   File No.:       A-42-14

Owner:         Ted & Kelly Yeomans

Agent:          n/a

Address:       667 Deerfield Crescent

b)   File No.:       A-43-14

Owner:         Carl & Tanya Nabein

Agent:          n/a

Address:       298 Fife Avenue, Smith Ward

c)   File No.:       A-44-14

Owner:         Charles & Veronica Bokor

Agent:          n/a

Address:       2709 Hoy Lane, Smith Ward

d)   File No.:       A-45-14

Owner:         Stephen & Veronica Payne

Agent:          n/a

Address:       734 Tara Road, Ennismore Ward

e)   File No.:       A-46-14

Owner:         Vernon & Bonnie Hamilton

Agent:          Christopher Tworkowski

Address:       1 Strickland Street, Lakefield Ward

f)   File No.:       A-02-14 (amended)

Owner:         Lawrence Theall & Janet Haslett-Theall

Agent:          Darryl Tighe, Landmark Associates

Address:       3040 Fire Route 44


g)   File No.:       A-41-14

Owner:         Michael & Trish Crossman

Agent:          n/a

Address:       454 Irish Line, Ennismore Ward

5.     Deferred Matters & New Business


6.     Correspondence


7.     Information


8.     Minutes


a)    Committee of Adjustment Meeting No. 10-14 (October 14, 2014)


9.     Motion To Adjourn