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Council Agenda October 14 2014


Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 5:10 PM

Council Chambers
1310 Centre Line
Township of Selwyn

pdf Copy of Council Agenda


Opening Prayer

"Most merciful God, we yield Thee our humble and hearty thanks for Thy Fatherly care and preservation of us this day, and for the work which Thou has enabled us to perform.

We pray for your guidance and direction in our deliberations during this meeting so that we may render a service to the Community that we are trying to serve.


Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

1.              Minutes

Minutes - Open Session

  • Motion to adopt the minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of September 30, 2014.
  • Discussion out of the minutes

2.              Deputations and/or Invited Persons and/or Public Meetings

(a)     5:15 PM -  Larry Wood - Rice Harvesting Concerns

    Proposed Resolution:

    That the correspondence and information provided by Larry Wood related to mechanical wild rice harvesting be received for information; and

    That the Township of Selwyn send correspondence to the Federal Minister of Environment Leona Aglukkaq strongly urging that as noted in the 2012 correspondence sent to Mr. Wood from previous Minister, Peter Kent, a wild rice policy be developed and further that in developing the policy, due regard be given to how mechanical wild rice harvesting is significantly impacting how residents are able to enjoy our waterways and the quality of these waterways; and

    Further that the correspondence also note the need for the Federal and Provincial governments to clearly define their roles and jurisdiction related to harvesting wild rice as there are disparities in who has jurisdiction over regulating the practice; who is able to issue permits; what types of rice harvesting are permitted (mechanical or by canoe); and for what purpose (cultural, commercial etc...) related to the current mechanical wild rice harvesting taking place on Pigeon Lake.

     (b)     5:30 PM - Zoning By-law Amendment Applications - Public Meeting

    i)    Jeannette Thompson, Planner-Economic Development Officer C-14-14 - Johnson

    ii)   Jeannette Thompson, Planner-Economic Development Officer - Zoning By-law Amendment File No. C-15-14, Part Lot 21, Concession 15 (SmithWard) - Leonardo

    3.              Question Period

    15 minutes, one question per person at a time, on a rotating basis

    4.              Municipal Officer's & Staff Reports - Direction

    (a)    Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer - 2014 3rd Quarter Work Plan Updates (hard copy provided)

    1.     Chief Administrative Officer

    2.     Building and Planning Department

    3.     Clerk's Department

    4.     Finance Department

    5.     Fire Department

    6.     Library

    7.     Public Works

    8.     Parks and Recreation Department

    9.     Human Resources

    (b)    R. Lane Vance, Manager of Financial Services/Treasurer - Financial Statement Review - 2014 Q3

    (c)     Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer - Great Lakes Guardian Fund  - Lakefield Beach Project

    (d)    Robert Lamarre, Manager of Building and Planning - Pre-Services Agreement - Woodland Acres Block B

    Consent Items

    All matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, housekeeping, information or non-controversial in nature and to facilitate Council's consideration can be approved by one motion

    5.          Municipal Officer's & Staff Reports - Information/Housekeeping/Non-Controversial

    (a)    Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer - 2015 OPP Billing Statement

    6.          Correspondence for Discussion and/or Decision

    (a)    Correspondence Report - October 14, 2014

    Correspondence for Direction:

    That the following items of correspondence be received for information and that staff proceed with the recommended direction therein:


    Correspondence for Information:

    That the following items of correspondence be received for information:

    1.     Peterborough County-City Health Unit - 2013 Annual Report

    2.     City of Peterborough - Affordable Housing Action Committee

    3.     Health Unit - 2014 Peterborough City and County - Active Transportation & Health

    4.     Canadian Sport for Life - Peterborough County: Changing the Landscape of Municipal Recreation (ATR)

    5.     MPAC News - October 2014

    6.     Kawartha Chamber - October Newsletter

    7.     Ontario Hockey Federation - 2014-2015 Member Information

    8.     Noreen and Gary Lister - Trail Work - Thank you

    7.          Peterborough County Report

    (a)    Peterborough County Report - None.

    8.          Committee Reports

    (a)  Accessibility Advisory Committee - Minutes - September 24, 2014

    Recommendation for Endorsement:

    That the Council of the Township of Selwyn endorse the recommendation of the Accessibility Advisory Committee, who have identified a nominee, to submit a nomination for the David C. Onley Award

    (b)   Adhoc Economic Development Committee - Minutes - October 2, 2014

    9.              Petitions


    10.          Other, New & Unfinished Business

    (a)     Closed Session Matters

    i.    Matter regarding Solicitor-Client Privilege - Section 239. (2) (f) - report and attachment

    ii.    Closed Session Minutes - September 16, 2014

    11.          By-laws

    (a)     2014-072 - Zoning By-law - 2688 & 2692 Westview Road

    (b)     2014-073 - Zoning By-law - 1027 Willcox Street, Bridgenorth

    (c)     2014-074 - Authorizing By-law  Pre-Servicing Agreement Block B Woodland

    (d)     2014-075 - Confirming By-law