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Green Initiatives

Solar Panel with sun shining on it


Between 2011 and 2017, the Township of Selwyn reduced its GHG emissions by 35%!

This Township of Selwyn Corporate GHG Emission Reduction Efforts 2012-2019 report provides yearly highlights of initiatives that have reduced GHG emissions across corporate sectors.

It is demonstrated that we have made significant progress toward reaching our GHG emission reduction targets outlined in Selwyn’s Climate Change Action Plan! 

Incorporating Green Principles is the aim of all Council and Staff in the Township of Selwyn and many initiatives have been undertaken to date.

Solar Panel Installation

The Solar Panel initiative involved the installation on some municipal building rooftops. The links below provide detailed read-out on these systems:

Selwyn Township Energy Consumption Data

Township Energy Management Plan

LED Lighting Project

As part of the Township Energy Management Plan, converting all traditional street lights to LED is our first significant project that will help us in meeting our commitments over the coming years.

EV Charging Station available in Lakefield

Electronic Vehicle Charging Station

Residents of Selwyn Township can charge their electric cars while taking a tour of downtown Lakefield and all of its amenities. The electric vehicle charging station is located in the municipal parking lot beside The Village Inn of Lakefield. This is a level 2 charger and the rate charged is $1.50 per hour.

How to Use the FLO Network

How users can start a charge:

There are three methods to initiating a charge at the units:

  1. Using the FLO Network App (can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store)
  2. Using a FLO Network card (users must order the cards in the mail ahead of time for a cost of $15)
  3. Calling the toll-free number, 1-844-825-3356, found on all units. This number connects to a 24/7 line serviced by CAA.

These are the only three ways to start a session. We recommend users to download and install the app. This app will allow them to start and end their charging sessions for free, as well as locate plugs anywhere in North America. If users plan on travelling outside the Peterborough area on a regular basis, then we recommend getting a Flo card and adding funds to it with their credit, as most chargers are not free. Lastly if the network should be down or in the case of an emergency, users can always call the toll-free number located on each unit for CAA assistance.

All charging stations are also listed on several charging station map databases. Every EV comes with its own charging station finding app plus the following open networks including:

Sustainable Peterborough

Sustainable Peterborough has developed a Climate Change Action Plan (CCAP) for the Greater Peterborough Area. The Climate Change team is currently transitioning from planning to implementation.

For more information on the implementation process visit:

"Greening our Municipality" Links