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Council Agenda December 12 2017


Township of Selwyn

Regular Council Meeting
Tuesday, December 12, 2017 - 6:00 PM

Council Chambers
1310 Centre Line
Township of Selwyn

pdf copy of Council Agenda

Moment of Silent Reflection

Please stand for a moment of silence, so that Council, staff and members of the public can quietly reflect on our duty to the community that we are trying to serve.

Notification to Members of the Public

Members of the public, staff, presenters and members of Council please be advised that meetings are broadcast and recorded and made available on the internet.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

1. Minutes

Minutes - Open Session

2. Deputations and/or Invited Persons and/or Public Meetings

(a) 6:00 PM - Long Service Awards

Staff Long Service Awards

  • Blake Knox - 15 years

Volunteer Fire Fighter Long Service Awards - 25 years plus

  • Jerry Jopling - 45 years

(b) 6:05 PM - Denise Gould - Chemong Community Care Update

(c) 6:30 PM - Public Meetings - Zoning By-law Amendment

i) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Zoning By-law Amendment (S/W Part of Lot 25, Concession 8 (Smith Ward) - 1866 Eighth Line

ii) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Zoning By-law Amendment (Part of Lot 13, Concession 7 (Smith Ward) - 1045 Ward Street

3. Question Period

15 minutes, one question per person at a time, on a rotating basis

4. Municipal Officer's & Staff Reports - Direction

(a) Meaghan McGowan, Acting Economic Development Coordinator - Business Retention and Expansion Report

Consent Items

All matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, housekeeping, information or non-controversial in nature and to facilitate Council's consideration can be approved by one motion

5. Municipal Officer's & Staff Reports - Information/Housekeeping/Non-Controversial

(a) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Zoning By-law Amendment - Removal of a Holding Symbol (RP 45R-16200, Part 5 (Ennismore Ward) - fronts onto Robinson Road

(b) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Site Plan Agreement - Stacey & Mike Crough (Treescape) - File No. SP-10-17 - fronting onto Robinson Road - Ennismore Ward

(c) Kim Berry, Human Resources Coordinator - Fire Department - Personnel Updates

(d) Robert Lamarre, Manager of Building and Planning - Kawartha Guard - Fee for Service Agreement

(e) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk - Insurance Program - 2018

(f) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk - AAC Year 15 Work Plan and Year 14 Accomplishments

(g) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk - Various By-laws

6. Correspondence for Discussion and/or Decision

(a) Correspondence Report - December 12, 2017

Correspondence for Direction:

That the following items of correspondence be received for information and that staff proceed with the recommended direction therein:

1. National Eating Disorder Information Centre - Eating Disorder Awareness Week


That the correspondence from the National Eating Disorder Information Centre regarding Eating Disorder Awareness Week be received for information; and that the Township of Selwyn proclaim the week of February 1-7, 2018 Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

1. A) Correspondence - Parking on Kelly Blvd., Bridgenorth


That the correspondence from Mr. Doyle requesting that Council consider changing the no parking area along Kelly Blvd., Bridgenorth to the east side as opposed to the west side of the road be received for information; and that Mr. Doyle be advised that staff did consult with the Peterborough County OPP to understand the circumstances related to the injury to the pedestrian, that the cause of the accident cannot be attributed to the location of the no-parking area and that the no-parking zone on Kelly Blvd. will remain as is.

Correspondence for Information:

That the following items of correspondence be received for information:

2. Ministry of Municipal Affairs - Transient Accommodation Tax

3. Municipal Property Assessment Corporation - Budget & Municipal Levy 2018

4. Cornerstone Standards Council - Gravel Watch Ontario Correspondence

5. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce - December-January Newsletter

6. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce - Newsflash - November 28, 2017

7. Town of Ingersoll - Authority to Approve Landfill Projects

7. Peterborough County Report

(a) Peterborough County Report - December 12, 2017

County Correspondence for Direction:


County Correspondence for Information:


That the following items of correspondence from the County of Peterborough be received for information:

1. James Gifford Causeway Litter

2. Canadian Urban Transit Research and Innovation Consortium

3. Minutes - November 15, 2017

8. Committee Reports

(a) Accessibility Advisory Committee - November 22, 2017

(b) Library Board - November 28, 2017

(c) Peterborough Police Services Board - November 7, 2017

(d) Smith-Ennismore Police Services Board - November 27, 2017

9. Petitions

10. Other, New & Unfinished Business

(a) January 18, 2018 - Special Meeting - 2018 Operating Budget - Add Road Needs Study Update as an agenda item

(b) Closed Session Items:

i) Matter Regarding Identifiable Individuals - Section 239. (2) (b) Personal Matter - EDBC applicants (Verbal Update)

ii) Matter Regarding an Identifiable Individual - Section 239. (2) (b) Personal Matter - CAO Performance Evaluation Follow-up

iii) Closed Session Minutes - November 14, 2017

11. By-laws

(a) 2017-074 - Zoning By-law Amendment - 1866 Eighth Line, Smith Ward

(b) 2017-075 - Zoning By-law Amendment - 1045 Ward Street, Smith Ward

(c) 2017-076 - Authorizing By-law - Site Plan Agreement - Mike & Stacey Crough (Treescape)

(d) 2017-077 - Zoning By-law Amendment - Robinson Rod - Removal of Holding Symbol (Treescape)

(e) 2017-078 - Authorizing Agreement - Kawartha Guard Services

(f) 2017-079 - 2018 Water Rates By-law, Rate Schedule

(g) 2017-080 - 2018 Sewer Rates By-law, Rate Schedule

(h) 2017-081 - Authorizing - Municipal Commuter Cycling Grant

(i) 2017-082 - Confirming