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Council Agenda November 13 2018


Township of Selwyn

Regular Council Meeting
Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – 5:00 PM

Council Chambers
1310 Centre Line
Township of Selwyn

pdf copy of Council Agenda

Moment of Silent Reflection

Please stand for a moment of silence, so that Council, staff and members of the public can quietly reflect on our duty to the community that we are trying to serve.

Notification to Members of the Public

Members of the public, staff, presenters and members of Council please be advised that meetings are broadcast and recorded and made available on the internet.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

1. Minutes

(a) Minutes – Open Session

Motion to adopt the minutes of the regular Council meeting of October 16, 2018
Discussion out of the minutes

2. Deputations and/or Invited Persons and/or Public Meetings

(a) 5:00 PM – Public Meeting – Stop and Close – Road Allowance – Portion of the Esplanade

i) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk - Request to Stop and Close Portion of West Esplanade – Applicants Hayes, Vallery & Doran

(b) 5:10 PM – Paul Hurley – Concession Street Sidewalk - Presentation

i) Engage Engineering Memo Outlining Alternatives for Connection to the Lakefield Trail

(c) 5:30 PM - Public Meetings – Zoning By-law Amendments

i) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Zoning By-law Amendment – 900 Skyline Road – Ennismore Ward

ii) Jeannette Thompson, Planner – Zoning By-law Amendment – Second Units

iii) Jeannette Thompson, Planner – Zoning By-law Amendment – 25 Lily Lake Road – Smith Ward

(d) 5:45 PM - Bob Mosurinjohn – Parking Concerns – 85 Concession Street (Note: see Correspondence Item 6. a (1))

3. Question Period

15 minutes, one question per person at a time, on a rotating basis

4. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports - Direction

(a) Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer - Elimination of the One-Third Tax Free Exemption for Municipal Officials

(b) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Site Plan Agreement – K.D. Properties Limited – 1241 Buckhorn Road - File No. SP-08-18

(c) Jeannette Thompson, Planner - Zoning By-law Amendment – Removal of a Holding Symbol – 1241 Buckhorn Road – Smith Ward

Consent Items

All matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, housekeeping, information or non-controversial in nature and to facilitate Council’s consideration can be approved by one motion.

5. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports – Information/Housekeeping/Non-Controversial

(a) Kim Berry, Human Resources Coordinator - Organizational Policy Update

(b) Rick Dunford, Manager of Public Works - Public Works Tendering for 2019 Equipment Purchases

(c) Kari Partridge, Economic Development Coordinator - Economic Development and Business Committee Terms of Reference

6. Correspondence for Discussion and/or Decision

(a) Correspondence Report – November 13, 2018

Correspondence for Direction:

That the following items of correspondence be received for information and that staff proceed with the recommended direction therein:

1. Correspondence – 85 Concession Street Parking


That the correspondence from Bob Mosurinjohn related to parking concerns at 85 Concession Street (Village Manor Apartments) be received for information; and
Whereas some tenants do not have designated parking at the Peterborough Housing Corporation (PHC) owned Village Manor Apartments and are requesting that the Township permit overnight parking in municipal parking lots given that there is no overnight on-street parking permitted from November 1st to April 15th in order to facilitate winter maintenance; and
Whereas staff have provided some suggestions for alternate winter parking options as well as urging the residents to work with PHC to pursue options to add additional parking spaces at their Rabbit Street location to address long-term parking needs;
That Mr. Mosurinjohn be advised that the Township does not permit overnight parking in municipal parking lots to facilitate winter maintenance as well as keeping these parking lots available for the facility’s intended uses (e.g. access for fire fighters, arena users, etc.).

Correspondence for Information:


That the following items of correspondence be received for information:
2. Association of Municipalities of Ontario - Bill 36 Ontario Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act, 2018
3. Association of Municipalities of Ontario - Bill 36 Ontario Cannabis Statute Law Amendment Act – Ready for Legislative Approval
4. Association of Municipalities of Ontario – The Federal Gas Tax Fund 2017 Annual Report
5. Association of Municipalities of Ontario - Members’ Update: While You Were Busy
6. Rural Ontario Municipal Association - Notice of Call for Nominations - Deadline is December 31, 2018
7. Peterborough Public Health - Changes to the Cannabis and Smoke-Free Ontario Acts

8. Peterborough Public Health - Board of Health Meeting Summary, October 10, 2018
9. Peterborough Children’s Water Festival – 2018 Newsletter
10. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce – Newsflash Oct-Nov 2018
11. Municipality of Brooke-Alvinston – Provincial Agricultural Systems Mapping
12. Champlain Township – Provincial Agricultural System Mapping
13. Peterborough County Plowmen’s Association – Thank You

7. Peterborough County Report

(a) Peterborough County Report – November 13, 2018

County Correspondence for Direction:


County Correspondence for Information:


That the following items of correspondence from the County of Peterborough be received for information:

1. James A. Gifford Causeway Widening - Preload Contract Award of Tender No. T-13-2018 and Memorandum of Understanding
2. Development Charges – Local Service Policy

3. Peterborough Public Health – 2019 Budget Request
4. Vacant Unit Rebate Program

5. Peterborough and the Kawarthas Economic Development - October 2018 President’s Report to the Board

6. Minutes - October 3, 2018
7. Minutes - October 17, 2018

8. Committee Reports

(a) Library Board Minutes - October 2, 2018 and October 30, 2018

(b) News Release – Peterborough County OPP Detachment Commander Announced

(c) Economic Development & Business Committee Minutes – October 23, 2018

(d) Peterborough Police Services Board Minutes – September 18th, 2018 and October 16th 2018

9. Petitions

10. Other, New & Unfinished Business

(a) Closed Session Items:

i) Litigation affecting the municipality (Section 239. (1) (e))
ii) Closed Session Minutes – April 10, 2018

11. By-laws

(a) 2018-071 – Zoning By-law Amendment – 25 Lily Lake Road

(b) 2018-072 – Zoning By-law Amendment – 900 Skyline Road

(c) 2018-073 – Site Plan Agreement – 1241 Buckhorn Road

(d) 2018-074 – Zoning By-law Amendment – 1241 Buckhorn Road

(e) 2018-075 – Stop Up & Close Road Allowance – West Esplanade in Bridgenorth

(f) 2018-076 – Confirming