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Zoning By-law & Official Plan Applications


Township of Selwyn
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Applications for Official Plan and Zoning By-law Amendments

Current Applications:

2016  Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments

C-15-16 - Lovesick Lake Trailer Park Expansion

Supporting Studies

2017  Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments

C-07-17 - 2032 Birch Island Road

C-09-17 - 2379 Chemong Road

Supporting Documents


C-19-17 - Rustic Barn Event Venue

Supporting Documents

The Planning Justification Report study includes the following as Appendices to above report:

  • Appendix A:  Servicing Options Report
  • Appendix B:  Well Capacity Study prepared by WSP dated August 7, 2017
  • Appendix C:  Fire Protection Storage Calculation
  • Appendix D:  Traffic Operations Brief, prepared by Tranplan Associates dated July 19, 2017

2018  Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments

C-03-18 - 1467 Eighth Line

Supporting Studies

C-08-18 - 678 Joseph Street & 613 Corkery Road

C-09-18 - 2112 Truman Drive

C-10-18 - 26 Edward Street

Supporting Studies

C-17-18 - 1354 Young’s Point Road

The County of Peterborough and the Township of Selwyn have received complete applications to amend the County of Peterborough - Local Component of the Official Plan and the Township of Selwyn Zoning By-law, respectively.

The purpose of the applications is to permit the conversion of a former retirement residence to a 12-unit apartment building. All existing buildings and structures will be retained. No new buildings or structures are proposed.

The subject lands are currently designated Rural in the Official Plan and zoned Rural (RU) and Environmental Protection (EP) in the Township of Selwyn Zoning By-law. The proposed amendments would establish a site-specific policy and a site-specific zone on the subject lands to permit the conversion of the former retirement residence to rental apartment dwellings units. The portion of the property zoned (EP) will not be changed.

Supporting documents include:

2019  Zoning By-law and Official Plan Amendments

C-01-19 - Interim Control By-law 2019-001

Supporting Documents

C-02-19 - 1772 Gordon Fitzgerald Lane

C-04-19 - Pure Home Grown - 2725 Chalmers Avenue

C-05-19 - 1735 Morris Avenue

C-06-19 - Part 2 (fronting onto Concession Street) - Lakefield Ward