The cultural mapping exercise funded by the Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture, and Sport through the Creative Communities Prosperity Fund (CCPF) identified and catalogued the various cultural resources in our community such as: natural heritage, cultural industries, community cultural organizations, agriculture,  culinary resources, and religious organizations.

The Township used the (MCPI, 2010) guide to help identify various culturural resources.

Community Cultural Mapping provides many benefits some of which are outlined below. 

  • enables development of partnerships which enhance cultural vitality;
  • supports local cultural sectors by giving residents and visitors access to information about arts and heritage activities;
  • strengthens the case for investment in local cultural resources;
  • provides a basis for policy development, planning, decision making, and integration into municipal plans; and
  • helps the community visualize cultural assets through the use of maps

As a result of the Cultural Mapping exercise, the following maps were created to identify various cultural resources within Selwyn:

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