The Township of Selwyn is committed to fostering a healthy, engaged and connected community. Trail development is one way to promote and encourage a healthy lifestyle and to connect community members to the natural beauty in our Township. Physical activity helps to prevent heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, cancer and depression. An increase in physical activity can save millions in health care spending and helps to reduce stress and improves mental health.

Trails are designed for recreation activities such as walking, cycling and jogging. They are an inexpensive form of recreation and can provide moderate activity to challenging outdoor adventures. They can provide physical activity for a widest range of people including those with disabilities, children, youth, seniors and others known to be less active.

Communities that have attractive trails have the ability to attract tourists from far and wide. Tourism creates jobs and puts money into the local economies. Trails are a great economic driver as many users will purchase goods and use services in the communities they are located. This means money is being spent in local restaurants, accommodations, retail purchases and day trips. They can also increase home values and offer pleasant viewing, quieter streets, a touch of nature in a community and a variety of recreational opportunities just steps away.  

Trails have the ability to strengthen the local social fabric of the community. They tend to create a continuity of volunteers and opportunities for friendships, networking and exploration. Trails bring people together to share social values while participating in meaningful activities.

The goal of the Trails Master Plan is to provide the Township with a long-range strategy for trails and trail facilities. The Plan will explore existing and future trails as well as identifying linkages with other trail systems.

Recreational Trails Master Plan

Community members can provide input regarding the township trail systems by contacting Mike Richardson, Manager of Recreation Services at 705-292-9507 ext. 241.

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