How many items can I borrow from the library?

There is no maximum on library material. However, borrowers are responsible for all material checked out on their card.

 How long may I borrow materials?

DVDs are on loan for 1 week. Some multiple disk titles (such as TV series) may have a longer loan period.

All other items are on loan for 3 weeks. An item can be renewed if no one has requested it.

How can I find out when my library materials are due? 

You may ask at the library in person, by phone, or by reviewing your account on the Library's online catalogue.

How do I see what materials I have on my card using the online catalogue?


1. Go to My Account

2. Enter your entire 14 digit library card number.

3. Enter your PIN (Default PIN is books)

4. Click on checkouts to see what you have checked out on your card.

What are the fines on overdue materials?

20 cents per day per item. $2.00 maximum per item.

DVD fines are 20 cents per day per item. $5.00 maximum.

For a complete list of overdue material items/fines click here.

Must I pay my fines before I can take out library materials?

When a borrower has over $20.00 in fines and/or replacement charges, borrowing privileges will be suspended until the fines are paid.

What do I do if I have accidentally damaged or lost library material?

For material lost or damaged beyond repair, as determined by library staff, you will be charged the cost of replacing the item. If original/current cost is not available, charges shall be the price of a comparative book, as determined by Library Services Centre yearly average book cost. 




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