Selwyn Township Council has approved a new Open Air Burning By-law.

The following becomes effective immediately in residential communities:

  • A 1:10 “ratio for fire safe distance” must be established, where for every 1 foot diameter, 10 feet of clearance is required from all combustible materials. For example, a fire measuring 2 feet in diameter requires 20 feet of clearance in all directions;
  • Campfires are permitted at any time of day;
    • There remains no open air burning in built-up areas such as Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Ennismore, Young's Point, and Woodland Acres.
  • "Certified gas fueled outdoor appliances" are permitted;
  • Fires must be attended by an adult at all times and an effective extinguishing agent must be readily available;
  • Fires cannot create a discomfort or nuisance as determined by the Fire Chief or designate; and
  • Burning of noxious materials, leaves, grass clippings or compost is not permitted.

These regulations will come into effect as of May 1st, 2022 at seasonal campgrounds and trailer parks.

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