Location Plan for Ennismore CIP Area

The Township of Selwyn is working with Engage Engineering to complete detailed designs for CIP enhancements at the corner of Tara and Ennis Roads in Ennismore. In addition to improvements at the main intersection, Engage Engineering will also complete detailed designs to extend the sidewalk on Ennis Road westerly from the intersection to Earl Avenue approximately 146 metres and easterly from intersection approximately 509 metres (across from the Ennismore Community Centre).

The roadway and intersection of Tara and Ennis Road is under the jurisdiction of the County of Peterborough - County Road (16). The Township has jurisdiction over sidewalks and other public realm amenities proposed as part of this project. All Community Improvement Plan enhancements, including sidewalk installations will be managed through Selwyn Township for this project. The County of Peterborough will be consulted throughout the planning as it relates to any improvements in the roadway/intersection.

Public Information Centre - May 11, 2022

A Public Information Centre (PIC) was held on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 to provide those interested with an opportunity to drop in, ask questions and learn more about the Reconstruction Plans and Landscape Concept for the area.

Regular Council Meeting - June 28, 2022

A Regular Council Meeting was held virtually on Tuesday, June 28, 2022 where Council received a Presentation from Engage Engineering on the Ennis & Tara Road Community Improvement Plan (CIP). A new Landscape Concept and Reconstruction Plans were also presented as part of the presentation. 

Council approved the following recommendations:

  1. That the Ennismore Community Improvement Plan public realm upgrades be considered in three stages:
    • Part 1 - (Proposed 2023) Intersection improvements and sidewalk to Earl Avenue. 
    • Part 2 - (Future) Barrier curb & sidewalk adjacent to St. Martin's School
    • Part 3 - (Future) Curb and sidewalk from east limit of Sullivan's General Store for 500m east, subject to the relocation of hydro poles to maintain existing boulevard and add concrete sidewalk. 
  2. The Council endorse moving forward with the final design of works identified in Part 1 in the Fall of 2022 and that the final tender approval be considered by Council for inclusion in the 2023 Capital Budget, which will include a funding plan, at the December 8, 2022 Capital Budget meeting; and 
  3. That the given Part 2 and Part 3 include the need for utility relocation and coordination with the County of Peterborough who has jurisdiction over the roadway these components be considered at a future time.

A recording of this meeting is available on the Selwyn Township YouTube Channel or view the Regular Council Meeting Agenda.

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