Cambium Inc. completed a Service Delivery Review of the Smith Landfill Site in 2020 to identify efficiencies and best practices with respect to the operations of the Site. The Review resulted in numerous recommendations, including changes to tipping fees.

The Township has adopted a phase-in plan to implement the tipping fees changes. These changes will support the Township's efforts to:

  • improve operations and customer service options;
  • adhere to the Environmental Compliance Approval;
  • enhance diversion of recyclable/reusable materials and compliance with the Clear Garbage Bag Policy;
  • preserve the life of the site; and
  • mitigate future tax increases required to support operations and the eventual closure and ongoing monitoring requirements for the site.

Over the next three years, some tipping fees will be increasing at the Smith Landfill (1480 County Road 18). The increasing fees are described below:

Fee TypeCurrent FeeEffective June 1, 2022Effective June 1, 2023
General Tipping Fees $115/tonne $130/tonne No change
Minimum Fees $5.00 No change No change

Leaf & Yard Waste Fees

(for loads greater than 100 kg)

$65/tonne $85/tonne $100/tonne

Mixed Load Fees (Unsorted)

  • There is a mixed load fee for unsorted material. This fee will be double the applicable general tipping fee and minimum fee;
  • This fee will also apply to materials not contained in clear bags once the Clear Garbage Bag Program is in effect on September 1, 2021;
  • For example, an unsorted load will have a minimum fee of $10.00 and a general tipping fee of $230/tonne.

Additional Item (Freon)

  • A cost recovery system is in place for items brought to the Smith Landfill that require the removal of Freon (ie: air conditioner units, refrigerators, freezers, etc.). This cost recovery system will be based on the "actual cost of Freon removal services".

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