Hydro services are available in the Smith and Ennismore Wards through HydroOne - https://www.hydroone.com/

In the Lakefield Ward, this service is available through Peterborough Utilities Services Inc - http://www.peterboroughutilities.ca/ 

There are also areas within the Smith, Ennismore and Lakefield Wards that are fully serviced by Enbridge Consumers Gas - http://www.enbridge.com/, which provides residential natural gas services.

Please contact the service providers listed above with any inquiries regarding services for your property.

Canada's largest unbiased energy review website: www.energyrates.ca lists all retailer electricity and natural gas options for each deregulated Canadian market. Site visitors can find value in the pricing matrix they provide at https://energyrates.ca/select-ontario-electricity-provider. They  update the data on a daily basis, providing information regarding retailers and rates all in one place, allowing one to compare prices before signing a utility contract.


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