Aquatic Weed Disposal

  • Residents of Selwyn Township can take aquatic weeds/wild rice to the Landfill located at 1480 8th Line (County Road 18), Selwyn.
  • Please keep aquatic weeds/wild rice separate from other leaf and yard waste.
  • There is No Charge to bring this material to the Landfill.

Weed Harvesting

  • Weed harvesting can take place from July until the end of August.Parks Canada/TSW issues permits annually to mechanical weed harvesters. These harvesters are large machines which cut the weeds, and permit mandates that the harvester is required to remove the cut weeds from the water.
  • If you are hiring a company to remove weeds with a mechanical harvester, ensure that they have a permit from Parks Canada/TSW and make sure you ask about their process. Also ensure that they remove the weeds from the water, for if they do not, they are operating illegally and creating further problems for you and your neighbours.
  • If you witness a harvester or anyone leaving cut weeds in the water, please note the details of the incident (date, time, location, description of the harvester etc...). Take a picture too!
  • Send the information to Beth McEachern at Parks Canada/TSW -
  • Parks Canada/TSW is very concerned about illegal mechanical weed harvesting and appreciates any information that may assist them to address illegal operations taking place on our lakes.

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