Municipal Water Systems

The Township of Selwyn owns the infrastructure for the municipal water services available in both Lakefield Ward and Woodland Acres subdivision, and has an agreement with Peterborough Utilities Services Inc. to maintain the day-to-day operations of these systems.

Lakefield Water System

Lakefield Water Treatment Plant provides safe, reliable drinking water to 1,100 homes and businesses in Lakefield. 

Staff operate and maintain a system that includes; 

  • 22 km of water distribution pipe
  • 110 Fire Hydrants 
  • 3,650 m³ of water storage 

Woodland Acres Water System

Through an agreement the Peterborough Water Treatment plant supplies safe, reliable drinking water to the 334 residents within the Woodland Acres Water System. 

Staff operate and maintain a system that includes; 

  • 26 fire hydrants
  • 5 km of water distribution pipe
  • 1 booster pumping station 

Private Water Systems 

Private water systems within the remainder of the Township draw water from wells, cisterns, lakes and rivers.  


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