The Municipal Heritage Committee's (MHC) mandate is to assist the municipal council in making decisions on any matter relating to the legal designation and conservation of a property of cultural heritage value or interest, as individual properties or as heritage conservation districts.

The MHC determined early on in its mandate that establishing criteria for the evaluation of properties would be a priority. To this end, the MHC has developed a Designation Evaluation Manual complete with a score sheet. The manual is intended to provide an evaluation methodology which is fair, transparent and consistent with the Ontario Heritage Act.

This document is limited in its use to the evaluation of individual properties and is not intended to be used in the evaluation of heritage districts or cultural landscapes. The document introduces the fact that until specific methods have been adopted by the municipality as it relates to the evaluation of heritage districts, we will use provincial guidelines.

The Committee's goal is to encourage heritage building owners to seek designation voluntarily and to work with them through the process in an effort to raise awareness of the benefits of heritage designation.

Heritage Property Tax Relief Program

This program provides a tax relief to eligible property owners to help maintain and restore their heritage properties.  The tax relief is (applicable to the municipal tax levy only) between 20% and 40% to owners of eligible heritage properties.

For properties to be eligible for tax relief, the property must have a designated structure under the Heritage Act. Owners would enter into an agreement with the Township which would protect the heritage features of their property and encourage good stewardship. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the Selwyn Municipal Heritage Committee.

Lakefield's old Train Station

Municipal Heritage Register:


2019-2022 Members:

  • James Forrester
  • Steve Gavard
  • Grant Murphy
  • Councillor Anita Locke - Council Representative
  • Robert Lamarre - Staff
  • Jamie-Lee Wiltshire - Staff

Members meet quarterly, or on a more frequent basis as required.

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