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2019-2022 Members:

  • Eric Thornley - Public Member
  • Thomas E. Campbell - Public Member
  • Councillor Anita Locke - Selwyn Township
  • Alec Denys Public Member - Peterborough County
  • Councillor Caroyn Amyotte - Peterborough County
  • Angie Chittick, Clerk - Selwyn Township
  • Ashley Henderson - Peterborough County

Members generally meet monthly (exception July/August)

Joint Township of Selwyn and County of Peterborough Annual Accessibility Plan

Retail Accessibility:

Time in My Shoes

Time in My Shoes at Crestwood School

Students from Crestwood Secondary School participated in the annual Accessibility Advisory Committee's Time in My Shoes program this past Friday, February 15th.   

Committee volunteers hosted a day of hands-on activities for students in Grades 9, 10 and 11. Activities included wheelchair basketball and sledge hockey.  An obstacle course was also set-up and students had to navigate through a heavy door with no power assistance, maneuver over uneven ground while in a wheelchair and transfer from a chair to a wheel chair.  CNIB representatives Leanne Carpenter and Warren Northcott spoke to students about how service animals provide assistance. They stressed the importance of not engaging with a service animal while it is 'on-duty'.    Para Sport Ontario provided the special wheelchairs designed to play basketball and sledge hockey carts. 

The Time in My Shoes program allowed students to better appreciate and understand the experiences of individuals with disabilities and some of the assistive devices they use to fully participate in daily life.

"One of our main goals with the Time in My Shoes program is to demonstrate that people with disabilities are active and involved community members." stated Alec Denys, Committee Chair.

The Accessibility Advisory Committee is a joint Township of Selwyn and County of Peterborough Committee comprised of community volunteers who have a disability along with representatives from the respective Councils.  The mandate of the Committee is to raise awareness and identify barriers to accessibility.

Image of Various Activities from Time in My Shoes


Enhanced Employment Services for Vulnerable Persons

Ontario Works / Ontario Disability Support Program

The Ontario Works Department will be funding new or expanded programming under the Enhanced Employment Services for Vulnerable Persons commencing in January 2010. Sessions will be provided by various partnerships with Community Agencies.

These workshops/sessions are available to any Ontario Works or Ontario Disability Support Program clients. 

Click on the following link for detailed program information:
Enhanced Employment Services for Vulnerable Persons

If you know of anyone who fits the criteria, please refer them to their Caseworker who will complete the necessary paperwork.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call Brenda Lunn, Social Services Supervisor Team 5 at 748-8830 x3618.

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