In the Spring of 2015, the Township of Selwyn and the Municipality of Trent Lakes engaged MHBC Planning Limited to compete a joint Community Improvement Plan for the Hamlet of Buckhorn.

The adopted 2016 Buckhorn CIP is for the commercial core area in the Hamlet of Buckhorn. The Municipality of Trent Lakes has adopted the same CIP guidelines on the opposite side of the bridge to pursue a cohesive approach to Buckhorn's beautfication. The guidelines within the final CIP document are meant to assist and foster enhancements of buildings, properties, streets and keep with the overall desired vision and character of each area identified. A copy of the adopted final plan is available on the Municipality of Trent Lakes' website or at the link provided below:

CIP Financial Incentive Programs for the Hamlet of Buckhorn

The Township has three (3) financial incentive programs. A brief description of each program is provided below along with guidelines and the application.

Building Improvement Grant

The purpose is to promote rehabilitation, restoration and improvement of the front, rear and side facades of commercial, institutional and mixed-use buildings.

Landscape Improvement Grant

The purpose is to promote landscaping, curbing, decorative walls and driveway access/egress improvements to commercial, institutional and mixed-use properties to improve visual quality and create a more comfortable pedestrian environment.

Improved Signage Grant

The purpose is to promote the replacement of signage on existing businesses for a commercial buidling with a sign that meets the deisgn guidelines.

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