The Building & Planning Department is responsible for providing a wide range of advisory and regulatory services that pertain to land use matters as well as the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and some Township By-laws.

The Building & Planning Department functions as one department in order to create a "one stop shopping" approach to development approvals, from initial contact through planning approvals, building approvals, completion and occupancy. It is responsible for the review and administration of applications for planning and building approvals.

The Department also answers all zoning requests for the Township, which include written responses to solicitors and financial institutions when ownership of a property is transferring, and/or for mortgage purposes. The Building & Planning Department is composed of two functional branches with specific responsibilities in each area.

 COVID-19 Update (February 12)

Please accept this update further to the Province of Ontario’s recent announcement that some restrictions have been lifted on certain construction activities/projects as of February 10, 2021.

The Township Office has been closed to the public due to the Provincial Lockdown. Staff remain available to assist you via e-mail and telephone. Applications for permits can be accepted electronically through Cloudpermit. Please forward your questions to

 Building Permits & Inspections
We have prepared this document to aid in assisting you with understanding our protocol for on-site building inspections. In all circumstances, please note that we will require you to follow all health guidelines, including the wearing of a mask and limiting your physical distance to 2m (6ft).

The health and safety of our residents, customers and staff remains a key priority in addition to our goal of doing what we can to support the economy. In response to the recent announcements, we have amended our inspection protocol.  Inspection services will continue subject to the following conditions:

  • Inspection request timelines continue to apply (2 working days notice).
  • Requests for inspections must be made via email to Please include the following information in your email:
    • Requested Inspection Date & Time (AM or PM)
    • Address
    • Contact Phone Number
    • Permit Number
    • Type of Inspection
  • Inspections will only be conducted for construction projects that fall within the Provinces list of permitted construction activities/projects.
  • Inspections will only be conducted on unoccupied buildings. The structure is to be vacant while the inspection takes place. An inspection will not be conducted while the building is occupied.
  • In the interest of limiting staff exposure to the virus, we are limiting occupancy inspections to buildings that have not been occupied. Requests for inspections of occupied buildings under renovation will be considered on a case by case basis. Please advise us when booking the inspection if this is the case and the CBO will contact you to discuss your specific circumstance.
  • We ask that all documentation which is required to conduct the inspection (ie. sealed truss drawings for framing, amended plans if changes have been made etc.) be provided electronically so that copies can be made and taken with the inspector.

The following inspections are to be postponed at this time:

  • Any inspection for a construction activity/project that is not permitted in accordance with the Provincial regulations
  • Any inspection which would require the inspector to be indoors of a building that has been occupied (meaning lived in) at any point.
  • Any inspection which is not critical to the progress of the project and the delay would not interfere with the use of the building (ie. Final inspections on older permits).

The above is subject to change without notice and certain circumstance may require special accommodations/changes.
The above items are just guidelines and your project may have special considerations.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact

 Planning Applications
  • The Selwyn Township Planning Department is accepting Minor Variance applications and Site Plan applications.
  • The Planning Department is reviewing Zoning By-law Amendment applications. We will work with applicants and process them dependent on the nature of the application.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact


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