COVID-19- Novel Coronavirus: until further notice, the Township is asking that you please bag ALL garbage and DO NOT place waste loosely in garbage containers. Loose materials will NOT be collectedThis small change helps protect collectors from the risk COVID-19.

Clear Bag Program - Soft Launch Commencing March 2020

Recyclable materials are currently prohibited from being placed in bags for collection at the curbside and/or deposit at the landfill site by both Township and County Bylaws. Alternative methods for the diversion of recyclable materials are provided through the County curbside collection program and the other waste diversion services provided at the landfill site.

The implementation of a clear bag program will provide for enhanced enforcement of the existing separation requirements. Numerous municipalities in the County of Peterborough have now implemented a clear bag policy. These programs have demonstrated significant success in reducing the volume of waste being collected at the curbside and delivered to the depots.

The clear bag program will include:

  • Require the use of clear bags for garbage disposal; no opaque garbage bags permitted;
  • Provide for an exception of one opaque privacy bag (grocery bag size) in each large size clear bag or container;
  • Establish a program to recognize exceptions for medical requirements;
  • Retain the current curbside collection limits (2 residential, 4 commercial/institutional).


  • March 1, 2020 - Soft launch – continue public education & awareness, targeted communications to non-compliant properties/landfill site users.
  • September 1, 2021 - Program enforcement commences

Clear Bag Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Clear Bag Program - Sorting Guide

Need help?

For information on proper sorting and the various diversion programs available to residents, please visit the Selwyn Township Recycling, Composting, Hazardous Waste webpage or visit the County of Peterborough Recycling and Garbage webpage.

We understand that many people purchase opaque garbage bags in bulk. We suggest that all your future garbage bag purchases be clear bags to prepare for the commencement of this program. More information on where to find clear bags in your area will be provided as part of the public education & awareness program.

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