Township of Selwyn 

Regular Council Meeting

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 – 6:00 PM

Virtual Council Meeting

Watch the meeting via livestreaming 

Land Acknowledgment

We respectfully acknowledge that we are on the treaty and traditional territory of the Michi Saagiig Anishinaabeg. We offer our gratitude to the First Peoples for their care for, and teachings about, our earth and our relations. May we honour those teachings.

Moment of Silent Reflection

Please stand for a moment of silence, so that Council, staff and members of the public can quietly reflect on our duty to the community that we are trying to serve.

Notification to Members of the Public

Members of the public, staff, presenters and members of Council please be advised that meetings are broadcast and recorded and made available on the internet.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

1. Minutes

a) Minutes - Open Session

  • Motion to adopt the minutes of the regular Council meeting of June 22, 2021
  • Discussion out of the minutes
2. Deputations and/or Invited Persons and/or Public Meetings

a) 6:00 PM - Staff Introductions:

  • Per Lundberg, Planner
  • Mark Chuang, Development Approvals Technician
  • Rita Maloney, Permit Intake Technician
3. Question Period

15 minutes, one question per person at a time, on a rotating basis.

If a member of the public has a question, please send an email by 4:30 PM on the day of the meeting noting your question, which will be read into the public record and responded to during the meeting. An email will be sent following the meeting with a link to the recording. 

4. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports - Direction

a) Janice Lavalley, Chief Administrative Officer – 2021 Work Plans 2nd Quarter Update (hard copy provided

1. Chief Administrative Officer

2. Building and Planning Department

3. Community & Corporate Services/Clerk’s Department

4. Finance Department

5. Fire Department

4. Human Resources

5. Library (Circulation StatsProgramming Stats)

6. Parks and Recreation

7. Public Works

b) R. Lane Vance, Manager of Financial Services – 2nd Quarter Financial Update

c) R. Lane Vance, Manager of Financial Services –- Budget Amendment 1 &  2 – 2021

d) Robert Lamarre, Manager of Building and Planning – Cannabis Zoning By-law Regulations

Consent Items

All matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, housekeeping, information or non-controversial in nature and to facilitate Council’s consideration can be approved by one motion

5. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports – Information/Housekeeping/Non-Controversial

a) Robert Lamarre, Manager of Building and Planning- Site Plan Updates

b) Kim Berry, HR Coordinator - Staffing Update – Permit Intake Technician

6. Correspondence for Discussion and/or Decision
a) Correspondence Report - July 13, 2021
Correspondence for Direction


That the following items of correspondence be received for information and that staff proceed with the recommended direction therein:

1. Digitization Grant – By-law to Authorize 


That the correspondence from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing regarding the Township’s successful application to the second intake of the Municipal Modernization Program for a Records Management Digitization Project be received for information; and

That By-law 2021-055, being By-law to authorize the funding agreement between the Corporation of the Township of Selwyn and Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing with regard to the Municipal Modernization Program Transfer Payment Agreement.

2. Peterborough Humane Society – Request for Support and Pet Project


That the correspondence from the Peterborough Humane Society related to a request for support for their capital Pet Project campaign be received for information; and that the request be considered as part of the 2022 budget deliberations. 

Correspondence for Information


That the following items of correspondence be received for information:

3. Government of Canada – Building a Green Economy – Zero-Emission by 2035

4. Government of Canada – Invests $16 Million For High-Speed Internet in Rural Ontario

5. Attorney General – Update – Ontario’s Provincial Offence Act (POA) M-2021-9473

6. Ministry of Transportation – Community Transportation Program Extension Letter

7. Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture Industries – Tourism Economic Recovery Task Force

8. Ontario Land Tribunal – New Processes

9. MP Peter Julian – Anti-Hate Crimes and Incidents & Private Member’s Bill C-313

10. AMO – Cabinet Shuffle

11. AMO Policy Update – Community Paramedicine, Transportation Investments for Small and Rural Communities, and Pathway Immigration Program

12. AMO Update – Moving to Step Two of COVID-19 Reopening on June 30 and Adding Mental Health Support to OPP Communication Centres

13. Federation of Cottage Associations Elert – June 2021

14. 3-Digit Suicide and Crisis Hotline

15. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Support Induction of Coloured All Stars to Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame

16. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Bill 228 and Bill 279

17. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Support Drainage Matters & CNR final

18. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Funding for Abandoned Cemeteries

19. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Licensing of Cannabis Operations – Previously Operating Illegally

20. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – Support Motion M-84 Anti-Hate Crimes and Incidents and Private Member’s Bill C-313 Banning Symbols of Hate Act

21. Municipality of Chatham-Kent – OBCM action on mental health and addiction plan

22. Municipality of St.-Charles – Land Transfer Tax

23. Municipality of South Stormont – Lyme Disease Awareness and Action

24. Municipality of Tay Valley – Provincial Hospital Funding of Major Capital Equipment

25. Town of Cochrane – PSA Test for Men Covered in the National Health System

26. Town of Mono – Support for Bill 228 – Banning Unencapsulated Polystyrene Foam

27. Town of Plympton-Wyoming Support for Twp of Hudson – Support for Fire Departments

28. Township of Brock – 802 Minister of Transportation re phragmites

29. Township of Georgian Bay – Microplastics Filters for Washing Machines

30. Township of Georgian Bay – Lottery Licensing to Assist Small Organizations

31. Township of Huron-Kinloss – COVID19 vaccine

32. MP Monsef – Response to Capital Gains – Primary Residence

33. Capital Gains Tax on Primary Residence

34. Township of Scugog Correspondence – Williams Point Road and Beacock Road School Bus Turnarounds

35. City of Mississauga – Canada Day 2021

36. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce – Retirement Announcement – Sheri Boyce-Found

37. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism – NewsFlash – June 22, 2021; June 29, 2021 and July 6, 2021

38. Kawartha Lakes Stewardship Association – Thanks Community Grant – KLSA

39. Letter to Parks Canada – D. Britton - Selwyn Meeting – Wild Rice

40. Letter to MP M. Monsef – Parks Canada – Wild Rice

41. Letter to MPP D. Smith – Natural Gas Expansion Program – Request from Peggy Quirion

42. Letter to Council – Carly Davenport

43. Abbeyfield – Thank You

44. Community Care – Thank You Note 2021

7. Peterborough County Report

a) Peterborough County Report – July 13, 2021

County Correspondence for Direction:


County Correspondence for Information:

That the following items of correspondence from the County of Peterborough be received for information: 

1. Report - Resource Productivity and Recovery Authority Datacall and Waste Management Master Plan Update

2. Peterborough County & GreenUP Pilot - Climate Change GHG Reduction Update

3. County Official Plan Project: Focus on Economic Development

4. County Official Plan Project: Survey Summary #1

5. CAO Organizational and Service Delivery Review Working Group – Recommendations to Council

6. Minutes – June 2, 2021 (regular); June 10, 2021 (special); June 17, 2021 (special)

8. Committee Reports

a) Economic Development and Business Committee Meeting Minutes – May 17, 2021

b) Peterborough Police Services Board Minutes – June 8, 2021

c) Accessibility Advisory Committee Minutes – June 23, 2021

d)Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Minutes – July 2, 2021


That the updated recommendation from the Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee regarding the proposed land use of the Lakefield Campground be forwarded to Consultant Monteith Brown to be included as part of the stakeholder feedback.

9. Petitions

a)    Save the Lakefield Campground – 1060 signatures

10. Council Portfolio Updates

Council to provide brief verbal update related to the following portfolios where necessary:

  • Community Services, Transportation and Housing – Councillor Donna Ballantyne
  • Economic Development, Business Retention and Attraction, Planning and Building Client Services – Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis
  • Public Works and Recreation – Councillor Gerry Herron
  • Sustainability, Culture and Senior Services – Councillor Anita Locke
  • Governance and Inter-Governmental Relations – Mayor Andy Mitchell
11. Other, New & Unfinished Business

a)  Schedule Open House – Draft Rooming Housing By-law – August 12, 2021, 2-4 PM and 5-7 PM

b)  Closed Session – Conference Call

i) Proposed or Pending Disposition of Property – Section 239.(2) (c) – hard copy materials provided

12. By-laws

a)    2021 – 054 – Site Plan Control By-law

b)    2021 – 055 – Authorizing - Modernization Grant - Digitization Project

c)    2021 – 056 – Confirming


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