Township of Selwyn

Regular Council Meeting
Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – 6:00 PM

Virtual Council Meeting

Watch the meeting via livestreaming

Moment of Silent Reflection

Please stand for a moment of silence, so that Council, staff and members of the public can quietly reflect on our duty to the community that we are trying to serve.

Notification to Members of the Public

Members of the public, staff, presenters and members of Council please be advised that meetings are broadcast and recorded and made available on the internet.

Declaration of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof

1. Minutes

a) Minutes - Open Session

  • Motion to adopt the minutes of the regular Council meetings of March 9, 2021 and the special Council meetings of March 3, 2021 - CAO Evaluation No. 4
  • Discussion out of the minutes

2. Deputations and/or Invited Persons and/or Public Meetings

a) 6:05 PM – Arthur Tarala – Building Permit Issuance

3. Question Period

15 minutes, one question per person at a time, on a rotating basis.

If a member of the public has a question, please send an email by 4:30 PM on the day of the meeting noting your question, which will be read into the public record and responded to during the meeting. An email will be sent following the meeting with a link to the recording. 

4. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports - Direction

a) Jeannette Thompson, Planner – Zoning By-law Amendment File No. C-02-20 - 1824 Eighth Line – Smith Ward

b) Gord Jopling, Fire Chief - Fire Department MVA Billing

c) Janice Lavalley, CAO – Curbside Garbage Collection – Contract Extension

d) R. Lane Vance, Manager of Financial Services & Adam Tobin, Project Coordinator – Water & Sewer – Generator System Replacement at  Various Selwyn Water and Wastewater Facilities

Consent Items

All matters listed under Consent Items are considered to be routine, housekeeping, information or non-controversial in nature and to facilitate Council’s consideration can be approved by one motion

5. Municipal Officer’s & Staff Reports – Information/Housekeeping/Non-Controversial

a) Gord Jopling, Fire Chief – Government of Ontario Fire Safety Grant

b) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk - Approval to Licence a New Group to Conduct Lottery Event Lottery

c) Angela Chittick, Manager of Community & Corporate Services/Clerk – Operating Agreement – City of Peterborough – Rural Bus Services

d) Deputy Fire Chief Ted Jackman - Request for Proposal for two (2) new Fire Rescue Boats

6. Correspondence for Discussion and/or Decision

a) Correspondence Report – February 23, 2021

Correspondence for Direction


That the following items of correspondence be received for information and that staff proceed with the recommended direction therein:

1. EORN Gig Broadband Project


That the letter from the County of Peterborough regarding the EORN Gig Broadband Project be received for information; and

That the Township of Selwyn supports EORN’s project proposal to bring up to 1 Gigabyte or 1,000 Megabits of broadband speed to our residents and businesses, ensuring that our municipality’s needs are met today and long into the future. 

2. Animal Welfare Legislation


That the letter from Margaret McCullough regarding the sale of companion animals from unregistered breeders be received for information; and

That the Township of Selwyn support Margaret McCullough’s e-petition to endorse the passing of progressive legislation to protects animals from being abused, sold or neglected within their municipality.

Correspondence for Information


That the following items of correspondence be received for information:

3. AMO Update – Phase II Vaccinations Plan, Bill 257 – Supporting Broadband Expansion and Firefighter Training Modernization

4. AMO Update – Additional Transit Funding, Municipal Modernization Funding and Public Health Vaccination Plans

5. AMO Update – Municipal Councillor Code of Conduct Consultations

6. AMO Update – Social Services Funding to Protect the Homeless and Ontario Vaccine Rollout Update

7. AMO Update – New Support for Local Fire Services and Updated COVID-19 Vaccine Tools and Resources

8. Special Investigations Unit - January-March 2020 - Quarterly Report

9. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - COVID-19 Recovery Funding

10. Fire Marshal’s Communique - Ontario Fire College Training Modernization

11. Kawartha Chamber of Commerce & Tourism – NewsFlash! March 9th and March 16th, 2021

12. Board Of Health Meeting Minutes - March 10, 2021

13. Letter from MP’s - Bill C-213 and the Canada Pharmacare Act

14. Township of South Glengarry - Provincial Vaccine Rollout

15. Brock Township - Health Canada Cannabis Enforcement

16. Howick Township - Tile Drain Installation Act and Background Information

17. Township of Adjala-Tosorontio - Tile Drainage Installation Act

18. Town of Bracebridge, Brock Township, Morris-Turnberry, Leamington and Township of Limerick - Ontario Fire College Closure

19. Municipality of Grey Highlands - Minister’s Zoning Orders

20. Town of Blue Mountains – COVID Relief Funding

21. Township of Terrace Bay - Community Safety & Well-Being Extension Request

22. Municipality of Shuniah - Municipal Insurance Rates

23. Muskoka District - Request to Reverse the Decision to Close the Ontario Fire College

Mayor’s Correspondence Forwarded on Behalf of Council:


7. Peterborough County Report

a) Peterborough County Report – February 23, 2021

County Correspondence for Direction:
County Correspondence for Information:

That the following items of correspondence from the County of Peterborough be received for information:

1. County Official Plan Project:

2. Peterborough County Organizational and Service Delivery Review:

3. News Release and Photo - Lighting Installed at Intersection of CR18 (8th Line) and CR20 (Selwyn Road)

4. Regular County Council Minutes – March 3, 2021

8. Committee Reports

a) Smith-Ennismore Police Services Board Minutes – January 25, 2021


That the updated Speed Awareness Policy as endorsed by the Police Services Board be approved.

b) Peterborough Police Service Board Minutes – February 23, 2021

9. Petitions


10. Council Portfolio Updates

Council to provide brief verbal update related to the following portfolios where necessary:

  • Community Services, Transportation and Housing – Councillor Donna Ballantyne
  • Economic Development, Business Retention and Attraction, Planning and Building Client Services – Deputy Mayor Sherry Senis
  • Public Works and Recreation – Councillor Gerry Herron
  • Sustainability, Culture and Senior Services – Councillor Anita Locke
  • Governance and Inter-Governmental Relations – Mayor Andy Mitchell

11. Other, New & Unfinished Business

a) Special Meeting – Cannabis Best Practices Review and Initial Recommendations

12. By-laws

a) 2021 – 015 – Zoning By-law Amendment – Polish Perfection - 1824 Eighth Line – Smith Ward

b) 2021 – 021 - Authorizing - Genset Tender Award - Supply Point Inc.

c) 2021 – 022 – Authorizing MOU – Curbside Garbage Collection  Extension

d) 2021 – 023 – Adopt MVA Billing Policy

e) 2021 – 024 - Authorizing - Service Contract City of Peterborough - Rural Bus Service

f) 2021 – 025 - Confirming


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