Official Plan Amendment

If you want to use your property or develop it in a way that does not conform to the Official Plan, then an Official Plan Amendment may be necessary. As the County of Peterborough functions as the lower tier Official Plan for the Township, an application for an Official Plan Amendment is submitted to the County of Peterborough.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law

The Official Plan outlines in a broad manner the land use and development guidelines within the Township. A Zoning By-law, on the other hand, outlines how a specific parcel of land may be used. Zoning By-laws also regulate lot size, parking requirements, building height and other site-specific factors.

If an applicant wishes to develop a property in a manner that deviates from the current zoning provisions, they must apply for a Zoning By-law Amendment; also referred to as a rezoning. For example, a change of use from residential to commercial would require a Zoning By-law Amendment. Township Council must approve any amendment to the Zoning By-law, which is subject to an appeal process.

Minor Variance (Committee of Adjustment)

A minor variance is a minor deviation (variance) to the provisions of the Zoning By-law. The variances can relate to the land, building, or structure of the uses thereof.

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