Open Air Burning

Important - Open Air Burning can change at any time as conditions change! 

Residents must verify the current conditions – call the Fire Department, check the website: ; follow us on social media to stay current:

If there is NO Fire Ban posted:

  • Small campfires are permitted except in built-up areas (e.g. Lakefield, Bridgenorth, Woodland Acres, Hamlets of Ennismore and Young’s Point and generally in subdivisions).
  • Brush Burning is permitted provided that residents call the Fire Department at 705-292-7282 first.  
    • Residents must call during regular business hours (Mon – Fri) in advance of burning to obtain permission.   
    • Residents must provide their name, address, phone number & date you wish to burn.   
    • Open Air burning is governed by By-law 2010-054 and those burning must comply with the provisions of the By-law.

Burn Permits

Burn permits are required for any fire that is not a campfire or outdoor fireplace.

  • Burn barrels are not permitted in the Township and open air burning (such as campfires and outdoor fireplaces) is not allowed in built-up areas.
  • For everyone's safety and enjoyment, please ensure that all open air fires conform to the Township By-law.
  • Burn permits can only be issued by the Fire Department at the Bridgenorth Fire Hall (833 Ward Street). For more information, call 705-292-7282.

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