Competition Bureau - Little Black Book of Scams

The Competition Bureau works to protect all Canadians by cracking down on deceptive marketers and ensuring consumers have the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

Their Little Black Book of Scams aims to increase your awareness of the many different kinds of fraud that target Canadians.

It provides tips on how to protect yourself and debunks common myths that might allow fraudsters to gain your trust.

Reporting a Scam

Whether you’ve been scammed or targeted by a fraudster, you should always report it.

Canadian authorities may not always be able to take action against scams, but there are ways you can help.

By reporting the scam, authorities may be able to warn other people and alert the media to minimize the chances of the scam spreading further.

If you suspect a scam, always report it your local consumer affairs office.


You should also warn your friends and family of any scams you come across.

Who to Contact

Canadian Anti–Fraud Centre

The Competition Bureau’s Information Centre


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