Selwyn Public Library has two rooms available for use by the public during their hours of operation. The hours of operation for each location may be found on the library's homepage.


The Library Meeting Room is accessible and air conditioned with a capacity of 10.

Address is: 836 Charles St., Bridgenorth.

Email Heather or call 705 292-5065 to check availability.


The Centennial Room is located in the historic Town Hall. This space is air conditioned with a capacity of 50.

Address is: 8 Queen St., Lakefield.

Email Kacie or call 705 652-8623 to check availability.

Meeting Room Rental Fees

Non-profit groups – No charge or by donation

For profit organizations or those charging admission - $25 /session (3-4 hrs)

Birthday parties or special events - $25 /session (3-4 hrs)

Individuals – No charge or by donation ; if charging a fee to multiple participants - $25/per session

Charges may be adjusted on a case by case basis by the CEO or branch librarian. Individuals tutoring children in the public area of the library will be exempt from any charges.

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