FoodCycler Program

Selwyn Township is launching another FoodCycler Pilot Program! The pilot program is a partnership between the Township and a Canadian company, Food Cycle Science, to pilot an on-site, residential food waste diversion program in Selwyn Township.

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What is a FoodCycler?

The FoodCycler is a closed-loop, indoor compost alternative, which speeds up the natural decomposition process of food waste. The unit dries and grinds food waste into a dry, odorless, and nutrient dense by-product. The by-product can be used in many applications, including used as fertilizer in a garden or added to a backyard composter to speed up decomposition.

The FoodCycler takes up approximately one (1) cubic foot of space and requires a power outlet. Once set up, you toss your food scraps into the bucket and press the button. The FoodCycler reduces the volume of food waste by 90% in 4-8 hours. Each cycle uses about 0.8-1.5 kWh of electricity, which costs approximately 10 cents. The carbon filtration system eliminates odors, making it perfect for indoor use.

Organic Waste Diversion

This program would supplement waste diversion efforts in the Township and reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill. Each FoodCycler has the potential to divert 2 tonnes of food waste over its lifetime. A FoodCycler can be used in combination with a backyard composter or digester to maximize organic waste diversion for your household. The FoodCycler is meant to supplement, not replace, backyard composting.

Backyard composting is important to organic waste diversion and provides a solution to divert materials that cannot be processed in a FoodCycler. See the FoodCycler Resident Guide for a list of items that can and cannot be processed in a FoodCycler.

The Pilot Program

The FoodCycler Pilot Program will help measure the feasibility of using FoodCyclers to support at home composting in Selwyn Township. This program will improve the diversion of organic materials, which helps to protect the environment and extend the lifespan of local landfills.

The pilot program is 12 weeks long. Participants will have their choice of two FoodCycler units, the FoodCycler FC-30 for $150 (+HST) or the FoodCycler Eco 5 for $300 (+HST). During the 12-week period, you will be asked to track how many times a week you ran your FoodCycler. Your FoodCycler will be shipped directly to your home and you can start tracking when your FoodCycler is delivered.

Participants will receive an email with a FoodCycler Information Guide and a Pilot Project Tracking Sheet.

Participating households will keep their FoodCycler following the pilot period.

See the Pilot Program Flyer or Resident Guide for more information.

Choosing Your FoodCycler

Two different FoodCycler units are available for purchase at a subsidized cost. Participants will select the unit they would like to purchase when registering for the pilot program.

FoodCycler FC-30

  • Cost: $150.00 (+HST)
  • Smaller bucket size
  • Shorter processing time
  • Includes 2 pre-installed refillable filter cartridges

FoodCycler FC-30 Specifications

FoodCycler Eco 5

  • Cost: $300.00 (+HST)
  • Larger bucket size
  • Longer processing time
  • Includes 1 pre-installed refillable filter cartridge

FoodCycler Eco 5 Specifications

How to Participate

Registration opens Monday, March 11th!

Visit Speak Up Selwyn to Register!

FoodCycler Filters 

Filters for your FoodCycler are now available at the Township Office. You can purchase the following:

  • FC-30 Refillable Filter Kit: Includes 2 refillable filter cartridges with carbon, good for 1 filter change. One-time purchase only to convert to the refillable system – $22.12 +HST
  • FC-30 Carbon Refills: Includes 8 carbon packets, good for 4 filter changes – $50.00 +HST
  • Maestro/Eco 5 Carbon Refills: Includes 4 carbon packets, good for 4 filter changes – $50.00 +HST

Pollinator ParadisePhoto of bee on flower

Help make Selwyn Township a Pollinator Paradise!

In 2018, the Township became a Bee City, which means that the Township is working to support pollinators through habitat creation, protection, and public education.

The Township recently launched a Pollinator Paradise page to raise awareness about the importance of pollinators. The page includes information on how the Township is taking action and ways that you can get involved!

Check out the Pollinator Paradise page

Depave Paradise

Depave Paradise is a project of Green Communities Canada and local partners such as GreenUP, in communities across Canada. Volunteers work together to remove unwanted pavement and plant gardens filled with native species in its place. Removing asphalt and concrete at the neighbourhood level is an exciting new trend that renews neglected urban spaces by improving biodiversity and stormwater infiltration potential.

Interested in your own Depave project?
Contact GreenUP for more Information

Rain Ready Program

In partnership with Peterborough GreenUP, the Rain Ready Action Program offered subsidies for rain barrels and waterwise garden kits to help residents reduce the risk of flooding and drought on their properties.

48 rain barrels and 5 waterwise garden kits were purchased by residents in 2022

Selwyn Township also hosted virtual workshops for residents to learn about the role of outdoor landscaping actions to mitigate impacts associated with climate change, learn water wise skills (such as how to install a rain barrel and plant a water wise garden), and ask any questions about design, planting, and ongoing maintenance!

Other Township Successes

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