Living in Selwyn

Selwyn township is located in the County of Peterborough which is known for its exceptional quality of life and beautiful setting in the Kawartha's Tourism Region. The area has a multitude of recreational opportunities, a diverse industrial, commercial and agricultural base, quality health care, and excellent schools - including two outstanding post-secondary institutions. Peterborough is just one hour from the Greater Toronto Area. Real estate is affordable and communities are safe.

With a population of approximately 140,000 (increases by approximately 30,000 in the summer season) the Greater Peterborough Area is the regional centre for East Central Ontario and draws from a market population of 350,000. The area's proximity to major markets in Canada and the northeastern United States, combined with an effective transportation system, which includes the Peterborough Municipal Airport and four-lane access to the Greater Toronto Area, makes the area an unparalleled setting as a business location.

Further, the proposed expansion of the 407 and the new GOBUS service between Oshawa provides for effective movement of people to and from the GTA.

Among the many successful area-based businesses serving local, national, and international markets from Peterborough are: Pepsico Foods (Quaker), General Electric, Siemens Milltronics, Minute Maid, SGS Minerals Services, Savage Arms; and Paluski Boats.

The Township of Selwyn is well known for its exceptional quality of life and boasts many local attractions and events that enhance the quality of life for residents and tourists alike. Thousands of tourists visit the Township each year to enjoy our beautiful lakes, parks, and recreation facilities, heritage and cultural sites, and events, shopping, restaurants, festivals, entertainment, and accommodation facilities. Activities include fishing, camping, snowmobiling, cross country skiing, boating, golfing, art galleries, nature trails, and much more.

The Township employs over 60 full time, part time and seasonal employees who are responsible for resident services such as:

  • Roads Parks & Recreation;
  • Libraries
  • Landfill/Waste Management
  • Taxation
  • Licensing and Vital Statistics (Lotteries, Deaths, Marriages)
  • Fire Services and Community Emergency Preparedness
  • Economic Development; and
  • Building and Planning

Our quality of life attracts the interest of young and old who come here to live, work and play. In recognizing the increasing number of retirees in the community, we have planned for their needs. 

The municipality offers attractive shops, restaurants and galleries in our Village and Hamlets.

The municipality is making investments in high-speed internet access to enable our residents to be connected to the world.

The Village of Lakefield and Woodland Acres subdivision are serviced by a municipally owned and publicly operated water and sewer system. Private well and septic systems service the majority of the remainder of the Township.

The Township of Selwyn's Emergency Services include Fire, Police, and Emergency Measures planning.

Ambulance Service is coordinated through the County of Peterborough.

The Fire Department employs a full time Fire Chief, a Fire Prevention Officer and an Administrative Assistant. The remainder of the fire service is operated with volunteer fire fighters.

Police Services within Smith and Ennismore wards of the Township are policed by the Peterborough County O.P.P. Detachment and the Lakefield ward is policed by the Peterborough Police Service.

The Township Emergency Management Department has an Emergency Plan in place to ensure the co-ordination of municipal, private and volunteer services to bring emergency situations under control as quickly as possible.

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