Your pets are members of our community and we want them to be safe and enjoy living in Selwyn Township. Our animal control by-law keeps our community and companion animals safe by making sure pet owners understand their responsibilities.

Animal Control and Pound Services are provided by the Peterborough Humane Society and the fees raised by Dog Licencing are used to offset the cost of this service to the Township of Selwyn.

Peterborough Humane Society

385 Lansdowne Street East, Peterborough

  • General Inquiries: 705-745-4722 ext. 200
  • Animal Control: 705-745-4722 ext. 215 (for After Hours Emergency your call will be forwarded to an on-call service)
  • Spay/Neuter Clinic: 705-775-9034
What regulations are in place related to animal control?

Selwyn Township has an Animal Control By-law and Stoop and Scoop By-law, which are enforced on the Township’s behalf by PHS. Key points include:

  • Dog must be licenced and have a dog tag;
  • Dogs must be on a leash when not on the owner’s property;
  • Generally, a maximum of three (3) dogs are permitted (some exceptions include licenced kennels);
  • No licencing for cats, however the owner is responsible for preventing cats from roaming at large;
  • Poop and scoop rules apply;
  • There are a number of animals that are prohibited (see the Animal Control By-law for a full list).

The Provincial Dog Owner Liability Act (DOLA) – PHS may lay charges under DOLA for dog bites/attacks

  • If charges are laid, a hearing will be set to address these charges and a judge will make a ruling. 

Livestock Valuers

The Livestock, Poultry and Honey Bee Protection Act provides that the Council of a municipality shall appoint one or more persons as valuers of livestock and poultry.

Livestock Valuers for Selwyn Township:

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