Emergency Preparedness

Selwyn Township has a Municipal Emergency Plan, which identifies community support systems and resources that are available to handle an emergency. The Township also has an Emergency Control group, consisting of key municipal staff, who receive regular training and conduct simulated emergencies to ensure preparedness in the event of a wide spread emergency.

For further information, please visit the Township Emergency Preparedness page.

Police Services
In an Emergency Situation - Call 9-1-1

ONLY call 9-1-1 in the event of an Emergency! 

An emergency is any serious medical problem, any type of fire,
any life-threatening situation or a crime in progress.

If you call 9-1-1 in error, do not hang up, stay on the line and explain to the dispatcher that you do not have an emergency. If you hang up, the dispatcher will call back to confirm that there is no emergency. If you don't answer, a police officer will be dispatched to check on your wellbeing.

 If you are reporting an incident that is not an emergency, visit our Compliments and Complaints Reporting Process page for a list of non-emergency contacts. 

Text 911 - Support for Hard of Hearing, Deaf and Speech Impairment  

The OPP supports the national launch of Text with 911 (T9-1-1) for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired (DHHSI). T9-1-1 enables emergency communication with OPP 9-1-1 call takers via text message.

Register for T9-1-1:

In order to use T9-1-1, members of the DHHSI community must register their cell phones with their wireless carrier in advance. Some older model phones may not be compatible. Those who have more than one cell phone will need to register each phone individually.

The T9-1-1 service is not intended for use by the general public. 

For more information on this initiative, visit the Canadian Wireless Telecommunication Association.

 Vulnerable Person Registry
The Peterborough Police Service offers a Vulnerable Person Registry for families and caregivers of vulnerable persons. The confidential information provided is entered into a database that will be used by police and other emergency services during a crisis situation. 

Peterborough County-City Paramedics (PCCP) provides emergency medical care to citizens and visitors of both Peterborough County and City; and are jointly funded by the County of Peterborough, City of Peterborough and the Province of Ontario through the Ministry of Health.

The PCCP Head office is located on Armour Road in the City of Peterborough, with additional bases located in Peterborough, Lakefield, Norwood, Apsley and a seasonal base in Buckhorn.

Fire Services
The Selwyn Township Fire Department consists of 5 Fire Halls and approximately 90 Volunteer firefighters (including 3 full-time staff) who respond to an average of 1000 emergency calls a year! 

Peterborough Regional Health Centre is our regional hospital, offering many programs and services.


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