There are many green initiatives that are on-going in Selwyn Township that benefit the environment and our community. Each initiative aligns with Selwyn’s Climate Change Action Plan and help to reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Clear Garbage Bag Program

Selwyn Township has launched a Clear Garbage Bag Program with enforcement effective September 1, 2021. 

Clear garbage bag programs are shown to help divert recyclable material from landfills and encourage residents to be more mindful of their waste habits.

Climate Action at Home

Climate change is a global challenge, but we’re already experiencing the impacts locally, such as more frequent flooding and drought events.

In this region, our homes and residential buildings are responsible for one third of our community’s greenhouse gas emissions. Taking climate action at home is an essential part of our collective approach to addressing the climate crisis and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.

In our homes, most of our emissions are related to burning fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, or propane as we heat our homes. The electricity we use at home also creates emissions.

Over the past 15 years, nearly 5,000 residents have undertaken home energy retrofits to reduce their emissions and save on their energy bills! Most of these retrofits have focused on improvements to the building envelope to increase air-tightness - things like increasing insulation levels, sealing cracks around doors, and replacing windows – as well as the replacing old heating systems. These retrofits are essential because they help our homes to be more efficient.

Video Series

GreenUP, in partnership with Peterborough County and the City of Peterborough, has developed a series of Climate Action at Home videos to help you take action!

  • DIY Retrofits - To learn about easy DIY retrofits that you can complete in your own home or apartment, check out the DIY Retrofit Series. Chris Magwood from the Endeavour Centre shares tips to help you reduce emissions, save money, and increase the comfort of your home.
  • Achieving Carbon Neutrality - To find out how you can go further to significantly address climate change, check out the Achieving Carbon Neutral video. This video also features local expert Chris Magwood, as well as Sean Flanagan from Flanagan and Sun, and Brianna Salmon from GreenUP. 

Visit the GreenUP website to watch this series, to learn more about available retrofit incentive programs, and to find out how you can book an energy audit. 

Climate Change

Sustainable Peterborough has developed a Climate Change Action Plan for the Greater Peterborough Area. The Climate Change team is currently transitioning from planning to implementation.

Between 2011 and 2017, Selwyn Township reduced its GHG emissions by 65%! Check out how:

Closing the Loop on Food and Organic Waste

In September 2019, Lakefield District Public School was awarded funding from TD Friends of the Environment Fund for a food and organic waste reduction and diversion project. This project has changed how students, teachers and their families think about food waste.

The project included:

  • food waste audits
  • diverting food scraps through vermicomposting, traditional composting and digesters
  • educational programming on food waste reduction, seed ordering and garden planning
  • using the compost generated to plant vegetable and pollinator gardens.

Project partners included Selwyn Township, Nourish Lakefield Community Garden and the Peterborough Master Gardeners.

Depave Paradise

Before & After Photo of a Depave Project

In early July, Green Up and volunteers depaved and planted a beautiful 100m2 pocket park at the entrance to Winfield Shores Harbour on Stewart Drive in Lakefield. Together, they liberated the soil, making Winfield Shores Rain Ready, and adding beauty and biodiversity for the whole community to enjoy!

Depave Paradise is a project of Green Communities Canada and local partners such as GreenUP, in communities across Canada. Volunteers work together to remove unwanted pavement and plant gardens filled with native species in its place. Removing asphalt and concrete at the neighbourhood level is an exciting new trend that renews neglected urban spaces by improving biodiversity and stormwater infiltration potential.

Electric Vehicles
Green Fleet Strategy

Selwyn Township received funding from the Federal Government to lease a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle and install a Level 2 CoRe+ charging station at the Selwyn Township Municipal Office.

This project is an effort to raise awareness of the environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles and reduce the carbon footprint of the Selwyn Township fleet.

Public Education
  • Visit the For Our Grandchildren (4RG) website to check out a recorded presentation from local resident Robert Lockhart, as he shares his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for Electric Vehicle technology and the market in Canada.
  • Check out the Transport Canada website for information on the Incentives for Zero-Emission Vehicles (iZEV) program
  • Check out the Electric Vehicle Society of Ontario YouTube Channel for virtual EV ride-alongs, Canada Talks Electric Cars Webinar Series, and other great information.
  • For more information and resources on everything EVs, including membership opportunities with EV Societies of Ontario.
  • Interested in purchasing an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle? Plug N’ Drive Canada can help you find a vehicle that’s right for you. Plug N’ Drive Canada supported Selwyn Township in choosing the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for this pilot project.
  • From May-July 2021, Township staff will be conducting an analysis of success of this pilot project. Check this page for updates. 
Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station
LakefieldElectronic Vehicle Charging Station
  • Location: Municipal parking lot beside The Village Inn of Lakefield
  • This is a Level 2 CoRe+ charger with applicable charge rates.
Municipal Office
  • Location: 1310 Centre Line, Selwyn
  • This is a Level 2 CoRe+ charger
  • The charger is free for public use from Monday to Friday, between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, until September 2021. 

Selwyn Township received funding from the Federal Government to install a Level 2 CoRe+ charging station at the Municipal Office.

How to Use the FLO Network?
  1. Using the FLO Network App (can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or App Store)
  2. Using a FLO Network card (users must order the cards in the mail ahead of time for a cost of $15)
  3. Calling the toll-free number, 1-844-825-3356, found on all units. This number connects to a 24/7 line serviced by CAA.

All charging stations are listed on several map databases. Every Electric Vehicle (EV) comes with its own charging station finding app plus the following open networks including:

Energy Management
Energy Consumption Data
Energy Management Plan
LED Streetlight Project

As part of the Township Energy Management Plan, the Township converted all traditional streetlights to LED.

Green Event Policy

Our Green Event Policy supports event organizers in making sustainable choices when planning an event. If you are planning a green event, we encourage you to keep the Township updated so we can recognize your efforts.

"The Link" Rural Bus Service

"The Link" Rural Bus Service will help reduce the number of passenger vehicles on the road and the pollutants they emit into the environment. Township staff will be tracking ridership to determine approximate GHG emission reductions achieved through the availability of a public transportation program.

Solar Panel Installation
This initiative involved the installation of solar panels on some municipal building rooftops. The links below provide detailed read-outs on these systems:
Rain Ready Action Program

Climate change has brought on increased frequency of storm events as well as extreme heat and drought, causing issues of flooding, pollution to waterways, and water scarcity and security. In partnership with Peterborough-based environmental charity - GreenUP, Selwyn Township is offering a two-part workshop and subsidy program to Township residents to learn about the importance of water conservation and how they can take action on their properties to reduce flood risk and enhance drought tolerance.

Connecting the Drops - Rain Ready Workshop Series

In partnership with GreenUP, Selwyn Township hosted virtual workshops for residents to learn about the role of outdoor landscaping actions to mitigate impacts associated with climate change, learn water wise skills (such as how to install a rain barrel and plant a water wise garden), and ask any questions about design, planting, and ongoing maintenance!

Spring Workshop #1 - Connecting the Drops: How to be Ready for Flooding

Watch the recorded presentation on YouTube

Fall Workshop #2 - Connecting the Drops: How to be Ready for Drought

Watch the recorded presentation on YouTube




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