Selwyn Township's Clerks Department - Municipal Administration is responsible for the overall governance of the municipality under the direction of Council.

The Department provides legislative support to Council and other Township Committees; maintains the official records of the Township (By-laws, minutes, agendas. agreements, etc.); registers Vital Statistics; issues marriage licences; manages the conduct of charitable gaming; coordinates the municipal election (every four years); and provides general information on a broad range of public inquiries.

Administrative Services 

Commissioner of Oaths

Commissioner of Oaths’ services are offered in person at our Selwyn Municipal Office.

What is the difference between a Notary and a Commissioner?

Notary is a public officer who receives and writes the contract, obligations, testament, transactions and other voluntary act as well as official deed. The neutrality and official deed characterizes the notary, which is different from the role of lawyer. The lawyer is not a public officer, defending the interests uniquely for his customers. The lawyer is impartial.

The Municipality does not have a Notary Public and cannot notarize documents or certify true copies. Documents requiring a "Notary Public services" cannot be commissioned at the Municipal Office.

Before You Begin

What can and cannot be signed

The following is small listing of forms a Commissioner of Oaths can sign:

  • Declaration Affirming Parentage
  • Election to Change Name of Child under age of 12 (service Ontario)
  • Legal Name Change Application
  • Blank Statutory Declaration, i.e. single/double status declarations
  • Insurance Claims multiple forms, only charge once
  • Vehicle Ownership Transfers - Sworn statement for a transfer of a used vehicle in the province of Ontario (Service Ontario)
  • Statutory Declarations In Lieu of a Guarantor - Passport Applications and Permanent Residency Cards (We must also sign their pictures)
  • Pension Purposes-attestations of recipient being alive and confirming their residency
  • Lost passport
  • Consent letter to travel with a child (travel document)
  • Common Law or single status affidavits
  • Affidavit waiving vaccinations based on religious grounds
  • Township of Selwyn Planning applications (free - Township business)

The following is a listing of documents a Commissioner of Oaths cannot sign:

  • Any affidavit related to divorces, separations, child custody or estates;

  • Forms which call upon a Commissioner of Oath, yet also request certified true copies of other documents as attachments. Because the Commissioner cannot certify attachments, they cannot sign the affixed application (as listed above, the only exception is that of a federal government permanent residency application);

  • Any court-related documents (with court file # on top right)

What You Need


The request for the Commissioner of Oaths service must be made by the same individual taking the oath and signing the document. You must present 1 (one) original piece of photo identification in the form of government-issued photo identification (i.e. a valid driver's licence, a valid passport, or a new health card). Please send requests to


Bring your completed document (do not sign the affidavit section of the document).



  • $10.00 per document to be sworn

Methods of payment

  • Cash

  • Debit

  • Cheque



This service can only be provided by specific staff members at the Township of Selwyn. Please call ahead to determine availability.

Information Access & Privacy

Accessing Municipal Information

The Township of Selwyn is committed to providing individuals with the right of access to information in our custody and control including records containing their own personal information, where applicable.

Requesters can make a general inquiry by contacting the appropriate department and simply asking for the desired information.

In some cases, records may contain protected information under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and as such a formal FOI may be required.

The Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act

The Clerk's Office is responsible for the daily administration of the Act, including receiving and processing access requests on behalf of the Township, providing advice to administration, serving members of the public and helping to ensure that the privacy requirements of the Act are met.

Information and Privacy Commissioner Ontario
80 Bloor Street West, Suite 1700
Toronto, Ontario M5S 2V1
T: 1-800-387-0073
F: 1(416) 325-9195
TTY: 1(416) 325-7539

How do I make a formal request for Information under the Act?

Complete a Freedom of Information (FOI) Request Form available from the Clerk's Department at the Municipal Office (1310 Centre Line) or by contacting the Clerk at 705-292-9507.

Will I receive the Information I asked for?

Some requests for information may not be granted because of exemptions to open access. Mandatory exemptions prohibit the municipality, by law, from giving the information to a requestor, while discretionary exemptions leave the decision on whether or not disclosure of the information would be appropriate to the municipality.

Public Sector Salary Disclosure

Organizations must provide a record of names, positions, salaries and taxable benefits of employees paid $100,000. or more for public disclosure. The information must be made available to the public by March 31st annually.

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