Asset Management Plan

The Asset Management Plan focuses on the current state of the municipality’s asset portfolio and its approach to managing and funding individual service areas or asset groups. The AMP is a living document that will be updated regularly as additional assets and financial data become available. This will allow the Township to re-evaluate the state of infrastructure and identify how the organization’s asset management and financial strategies are progressing.

2024 Asset Management Plan

What is Asset Management?

The term asset management has been defined in different ways by a variety of government and non-government organizations in Canada. As part of the Leadership in Asset Management Program (LAMP), an initiative delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, a definition of asset management was created:

Asset management is an integrated approach, involving all organization departments, to effectively manage existing and new assets to deliver services to customers. The intent is to maximize benefits, reduce risks and provide satisfactory levels of service to the community in a sustainable manner – providing an optimum balance. Good asset management practices are fundamental to achieving sustainable communities.”

For further context into the importance of Asset Management Planning, the FCM created the following video, summarizing why we invest in Asset Management.

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