Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in helping out in your community? The Township of Selwyn is always looking for volunteers to help out as we rely on their support and dedication in delivering a variety of activities throughout the municipality. Here are the volunteer opportunities available with the Township:

Are you a non-profit organization that relies on volunteers? Or are you someone looking for volunteer opportunities?
Check out Volunteer Peterborough, a volunteer match-making website! Sign up your organization and start recruiting, or sign up as a volunteer and shop around for some exciting opportunities.

There are also a number of community groups in Selwyn Township that rely on volunteers to offer their programming and continue to provide services to those in our community. Check them out below!

Fundraising & Revenue Generation Strategy

The Fundraising and Revenue Generation Strategy focuses on revenue-generating priorities. Compared to peer communities, there is growth potential in sponsorships, arena advertising, programs, and new rates and licensing options. The 28 recommendations found in the Strategy look to support the Community & Corporate Services, Fire, Recreation Services, and Library Departments.

Fundraising & Revenue Generation Strategy

Fundraising Tool Kit for Community Groups

Fundraising Tool Kit was developed to assist charities and non-profit organizations with fundraising efforts including planning, event promotions, donation tools, grant funding, social media, and more. The Tool Kit includes a template package that can be personalized to suit their needs and promotes access to ‘Grant Connect,’ a fundraising research tool designed to help find new funding prospects for both non-profits and businesses. This database can now be accessed in-person at each of the Selwyn Public Library branches.

Fundraising Tool Kit

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