library card

How do I get a library card?


In-person: Visit any of our 3 locations and complete the registration form. Valid photo ID with address is required. 



Online: Simply complete and submit the online form found here. When your library card is ready for pickup you will receive an email. Based on your address you will be assigned a home library, and this is where you will pick up your card. You will be required to show photo ID with an address at the time of pickup.

 Can a child or teen obtain a library card?

Yes! Children and teens can have their own library card.

For children and teens 15 years of age or younger, a parent or guardian will have to fill out a registration form or be present with identification to accept responsibility for all materials borrowed on the card.

 What do I do if I've lost my library card?

Let the library know right away! You are responsible for all materials borrowed on your card.

You will pay a $2.00 fee to replace a lost or damaged card.

 Can I use the library if I do not live in Selwyn?

Yes! Everyone is welcome to our free membership. We do not charge a non-resident fee.

Seasonal residents and visitors are also welcome to use the Selwyn Public Library.

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