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The Link is a pilot project funded through the Province of Ontario. Project partners include Selwyn Township, Curve Lake First Nation, Community Care Peterborough and the City of Peterborough. 

For updates, check this webpage or join the mailing list by contacting Lily Morrow, Sustainability Coordinator.

Key Information for Customers
  • Trent University students are able to access The Link free-of-charge using thier Trent Bus pass (card or electronic).
  • The Link tickets and passes are valid on both The Link and Peterborough Transit routes for a period of 90 minutes once activated.
  • When boarding in Peterborough, customers must notify the bus driver of their intention to transfer to The Link to be charged The Link fare for travel on both Peterborough Transit and The Link. Customers who do not notify the driver at the time of boarding will be charged an additional Peterborough Transit fare.
  • Peterborough Transit accepts exact coin fare only (no bills). Please refer to Bus Passes below to pre-purchase tickets and to save money.
  • For information about Peterborough Transit services, including The Link, email transitoperations@peterborough.ca or call 705-745-0525.
  • In the event of a service disruption or delay, Peterborough Transit updates customers using Twitter (@ptbo_transit) and My Beat.
 Route Maps and Schedules

Please see the route maps below for the most up-to-date information on The Link schedules, bus stops and fares:

Holiday Schedule

Please note that The Link service will not be provided on weekends or the following Statutory Holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Family Day
  • Good Friday
  • Victoria Day
  • Canada Day
  • Civic Day
  • Labour Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day
  • Boxing Day
Bus Passes
The following bus passes for The Link will be available at bus pass sales outlets:
  • 2-Ride: $15
  • 10-Ride: $50
  • Monthly: $150
  • Children twelve (12) years and under ride for FREE! 

Note: Peterborough Transit accepts only coin fare (no bills). Customers can also purchase a single ride cash fare for $8. When boarding the bus, either the child or the adult they are travelling with must let the bus driver know that they are 12 years old or under. 

Bus Passes Sale Outlets:
  • Township of Selwyn Municipal Office - 1310 Centre Line, Selwyn
  • Community Care Lakefield - 40 Rabbit Street, Lakefield
  • Community Care Chemung - 549 Ennis Road, Ennismore
  • Peterborough Transit Downtown Terminal - 190 Simcoe Street, Peterborough
  • Blackburn Hall Card Office (Room 104) - 1600 West Bank Drive, Peterborough
  • Curve Lake Government Services Building - 22 Winookeedaa Street, Curve Lake
Peterborough Transit Connections with The Link
At Trent, The Link passengers can connect with four different Peterborough Transit routes. These include:
  • Route 2 Chemong: serves shopping on Chemong Road, Downtown Terminal and Lansdowne Place
  • Route 3 Park: operates to Summit Plaza on Lansdowne Street
  • Route 6 Sherbrooke: provides a fast trip to the Downtown Terminal and Fleming College
  • Route 8 Monaghan: serves Portage Place, Hospital, Lansdowne Place, Casino and Fleming College 

To link with other Peterborough Transit services, additional route and schedule information is available on the Peterborough Transit website.

Transfers System

  • Upon boarding in Peterborough, customers must notify the bus driver of their intention to connect with the Link. Customers who do not notify the bus driver at the time of boarding will not receive their transfer and will be required to pay a full Link single ride fare.
  • Peterborough Transit accepts only coin fare (no bills).
  • The Link passes and fares include a single transfer to the Peterborough Transit system.
  • Peterborough transfers are valid for 90 minutes. Passengers making further transfers after expiration of this transfer must pay applicable fares.
  • If boarding in the City of Peterborough using a Link pass, the same transfer system applies to connecting to The Link.
  • Peterborough Transit will sell single ride cash fare only on board the bus. Passengers boarding in the City of Peterborough using cash or Peterborough transit passes will pay $8.00 (single ride fare) upon boarding, at which time the customer will be issued a Link transfer.
Planning Your Trip

Selwyn trip times and revised Peterborough Transit times are expected to be available in Google and on the Transit App during the week of April 25. For further information on Peterborough Transit routes, please check the Peterborough Transit website.

You can also use the Google Maps app directly on your smartphone to plan your trip. Visit Google Maps and begin by entering your starting point and your destination, select the transit icon, then hit enter.

Google Maps will show you the location of the nearest bus stop, what bus to catch to get to your destination, the route it will take, and any recommended transfers.

To plan ahead of time for a later departure, change the Leave Now setting to either Depart At or Arrive By to customize your schedule.

Public Health Requirements for Using Public Transit

The Link rural bus service will be provided using regular 40’ Peterborough Transit buses and all safety protocols are the same as those in place for Peterborough Transit service. Selwyn Township continues to reinforce that travel should be restricted to essential purposes only, as does Peterborough Transit.

Peterborough Transit strongly recommends and welcomes the continued wearing of face masks by customers on buses, at the transit terminal, and other transit locations where physical distancing is not possible, after the provincial mask mandate expires on Saturday, June 11.

Service Updates


In the event of a service disruption or delay, Peterborough Transit updates customers using Facebook, Twitter, and through the City of Peterborough website.

Stops and Accessibility

Bus Boarding and Exiting Procedures

Passengers are encouraged to board the bus through the front door and exit through the rear door. If a passenger needs to exit at the front door due to mobility requirements, they are welcome to do so.

Upon exiting, passengers are asked to step away from the vehicle and safely off to the side of the road. Passengers should wait until the bus pulls away before attempting to cross the roadway and only after they can clearly see all traffic.

To ensure safety in flag zones, passengers are encouraged to exit through the front door. 

Areas with Designated Bus Stop Locations
  • Buses will serve designated bus stops in Curve Lake, Lakefield, Ennismore, some areas through Bridgenorth, along certain stretches of Lakefield Road, and Woodland Drive (please refer to the maps for stop locations).

  • Some designated stop locations are accessible (please refer to the map or list for locations).

  • Due to the design of Lakefield Road, for safety, we will not be able to stop in the area of Giant Tiger. Designated stops are located approx. 450m south of this location.

 Flag Zone Bus Stop Areas
  • Bus stops in flag areas are not accessible.
  • In areas that have been identified as flag zones, buses may be requested to stop on an on demand basis along the route.
    • The bus driver will do their best to accommodate the request of the customer but they may need to make a change to maintain safety for the customer and other users of the road.
    • Boarding in a Flag Zone
      • Customers should wait safely off to the side of the road in an area where they can see traffic for at least 125m.
      • Wear something visible (bright or reflective) if travelling during unlit hours.
      • As the bus approaches, the customer should face and wave to the bus driver to catch their attention.
      • Walk out to the bus only after it comes to a complete stop and the driver opens the door.
    • Request to Get Off Bus in Flag Zone
      • The customer should ring the bell and communicate with the driver in advance of the intended stop location to help identify where they would like to be let off the bus. The driver will stop at the closest safest location to make the stop.
 Turn by Turn Route Guides

Please see the AODA-approved Turn by Turn Guides for The Link routes which detail each step of the routes, departure times, and route run times. Turn by Turn videos of each route are uploaded to the City of Peterborough’s YouTube channel.

All buses owned and operated by Peterborough Transit are fully accessible. All bus stops on The Link service are not fully accessible. Accessible bus stops include: 

  • Wilcox Street at Ward Street (Bridgenorth)
  • Bridgenorth Library
  • Bridge Street at Clementi Street in both directions (Lakefield)
  • Water Street at Savage Arms (Lakefield)
  • Queen Street at Reid Street (Lakefied)
  • Ennismore Community Centre
  • Trent University

Please refer to the route maps for further information on bus stops accessibility. 

Policy on Refunds, Lost & Stolen Cards
  • Under no circumstances will refunds be issued for The Link bus passes. Please be mindful of this policy when purchasing a bus pass.

Lost and Found

  • Selwyn Township nor Peterborough Transit is responsible for lost items, including bus passes.
  • If you think you left an item on a bus, contact Peterborough Transit Customer Service at: 705-745-0525 or email transitoperations@peterborough.ca

Rules & Guidelines

Extension Request

The Township and project partners Curve Lake First Nation, Community Care Peterborough and the City of Peterborough thank the Ministry of Transportation for extending the granting period to 2025 for The Link rural transportation system and for awarding the project with additional funding of up to $884,626 for this extension. 

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