The Building & Planning Department is responsible for providing a wide range of advisory and regulatory services that pertain to land use matters as well as the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and some Township By-laws.

The Building & Planning Department functions as one department in order to create a "one stop shopping" approach to development approvals, from initial contact through planning approvals, building approvals, completion and occupancy. It is responsible for the review and administration of applications for planning and building approvals.

The Department also answers all zoning requests for the Township, which include written responses to solicitors and financial institutions when ownership of a property is transferring, and/or for mortgage purposes. The Building & Planning Department is composed of two functional branches with specific responsibilities in each area.

Update: Building Inspections (January 3, 2022)

Inspections will only be performed on vacant buildings. All construction workers and building inhabitants are to leave the building for the duration of the building inspection and not have any contact with the inspector.

In addition to the safety measures noted above, inspections for existing building renovations or new additions to existing buildings will require confirmation that no persons currently working or inhabiting the building have any COVID symptoms or illness. The outcome of the inspection will be provided digitally at the conclusion of the inspection.

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