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  • The Township of Selwyn is situated centrally in the County of Peterborough, and is bordered by the City of Peterborough in the southeast.
  • The Township of Selwyn is the most populated municipality in the County of Peterborough, with an approximate population of 18,600.
  • The Township of Selwyn has close to one third of all the households' in the County of Peterborough and approximately 34% of the workforce.
  • The dominant industry in the Township of Selwyn is retail and other services including tourism. The home-based business sector is growing.
  • The Village of Lakefield and the Woodland Acres Subdivision are serviced by full municipal water and sewer systems. The water and sewer system is in the initial stages of a planned expansion, which would service the Lakefield Secondary Plan Area.
  • High-speed internet is available throughout the majority of the Township.
About Selwyn Township 

The Township of Selwyn was created by virtue of two amalgamations and one name change. The Township of Smith and the Township of Ennismore amalgamated on January 1st, 1998. The Township of Smith-Ennismore then amalgamated with the Village of Lakefield on January 1st, 2001. The Township changed its name to the Township of Selwyn in 2013.

Township residents have come together as a combined municipality under one name but still remain connected to their historical Township Ward: Ennismore, Lakefield and Smith. 

The Township of Selwyn boasts many local attractions and events that enhance the quality of life for residents and tourists alike.

Centrally located in the County of Peterborough, one hour north of the Greater Toronto Area, our community is surrounded by water on three sides and borders the City of Peterborough and the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Whether you are visiting the area to enjoy our many attractions, festivals and special events, our beautiful lakes and rivers, beaches and parks, or the hospitality of our local people and businesses, you'll find that Selwyn has so much to offer!


A lively, vibrant community with a population of approximately 18,600, the Township of Selwyn ranks outstandingly high on the quality of life scale. With a broad economic base that includes technology, information services, healthcare, education, retail, finance, and agriculture, its home to one of the County of Peterborough's most stable economies. The Township literally hums with activity, and is known for being clean, safe, friendly, and not particularly stressful. In short, it's easy to live, work and play here.

Safe & Family-Friendly

There are tangible reasons why the Township of Selwyn is considered a wonderful place to raise a family. The County of Peterborough boasts an overall low crime rate. The air and water are clean, housing is plentiful and affordable, and schools and medical facilities are outstanding. But there are other reasons - not so measurable but just as important: a sense of community, a focus on families, solid values, and a genuine concern for others - all of which you'll find here in abundance.

Exceptional Education Opportunities

With some of the best schools and research facilities in the province, this is where we really shine. The area is a regional center for learning and is home to two post secondary institutions, Fleming College and Trent University. Further, world renowned research facilities are also situated in the area, namely, SGS Lakefield Research Limited and the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster. Further, high quality elementary and secondary education is a priority.

Entertainment - Alive and Thriving

The Township is home to a number of golf courses, elegant and rustic restaurants, luxurious hotels and resorts, bed and breakfasts, distinctive boutiques, cafes and galleries. It's all here - dazzling culinary adventures, arts and entertainment. The Township offers entertainment and recreation which caters to all ages - students, young professionals, families and retirees. The Township has a variety of options for enjoying culture, a night out on the town or a fun-filled day of sports and recreation.

Outdoor Recreation

And don't forget the great outdoors - the Township has a number of public parks, beach areas and recreational trails. Further, the Township is home to softball, baseball, tennis, speed skating and cross-country skiing facilities.

At any location in the Township you are just minutes away from one of the Kawartha Lakes. Many Township residents have lake homes and cottages that serve as a peaceful getaway on a hot summer weekend. Fishing, boating and water sports are popular activities, as is putting your feet up and watching the spectacular sunset.

Our Communities

Chemong Lodge Entrance in Bridgenorth


The Hamlet of Bridgenorth is a small residential community situated on beautiful Chemong Lake amid a largely rural landscape. Bridgenorth offers a centralized destination for shopping and services, and meets the daily needs of residents and tourists. Bridgenorth has lands suitable for a variety of commercial development.


Post office building in Ennismore

The Hamlet of Ennismore is historically picturesque with the post office, general store, and community church centrally located as in the days of old. Ennismore is centered in a mainly rural area, and provides a focal point for community recreational and social events including hard and softball diamonds, soccer pitches, tennis and basketball courts, ice and curling rinks and reception facilities. Chemong Lake, Buckhorn Lake and Pigeon Lake border the Ennismore ward.


Lakefield Marina


The Village of Lakefield is a small urban community of approximately 2,500 people located on the Otonabee River, part of the historic Trent Severn Waterway system. Lakefield is primarily a residential community with historic homes and heritage sites carefully combined with modern residential areas. Lakefield offers many of the amenities of "big city" life in a quaint, small town setting.  


Aerial image of Young's Point
Young's Point

The Village of Young's Point is the home of Lock 27 on the Trent-Severn Waterway network. The lock has a lift of seven feet and was built in the early 1870s. To the south you can travel through Katchewanooka Lake towards Lakefield and onto Peterborough, and to the north you can travel through Clear Lake and on to Stoney Lake, Buckhorn and Pigeon Lakes and beyond. Young's Point is key destination for thousands of cottagers in search of great shopping, restaurants, and marinas. Young's Point is also a favourite spot for nearby residents to fish, swim and picnic.


Buckhorn welcome sign


The Town of Buckhorn lies on the boundary line between the Municipality of Trent Lakes and the Township of Selwyn, with the majority of the area in Trent Lakes. The area is rich in culture with its many art galleries, antique stores, cultural events and attractions.

For more information visit the Buckhorn website or the Municipality of Trent Lakes website for up-to-date information regarding township news and events.

Community Profile

The Community Profile is a snapshot of our local community and contains information on the hamlets and villages that make up Selwyn Township. It also includes information about opportunities in the area for education, healthcare, and municipal services such as parks and recreation, library services, festivals and events.




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