Building and Planning Services Review

The Township of Selwyn has completed a review of the services of the Building and Planning department and we would like to thank everyone for their feedback!

Please visit the Building and Planning Services Review webpage to see the final report and supporting documents.

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The Building and Planning Department is responsible for providing a wide range of advisory and regulatory services that pertain to land use matters as well as the enforcement of the Ontario Building Code and some Township By-laws.

The Building and Planning Department functions as one department in order to create a "one stop shopping" approach to development approvals, from initial contact through planning approvals, building approvals, completion and occupancy. It is responsible for the review and administration of applications for planning and building approvals.

The Department's overall goal is to work together to make your development project in the Township is as smooth and as seamless as possible while at the same time maintaining the best interests of the community. We strive to provide exceptional service and advice to Council, the public, developers, and the building industry.

General requirements of the Building and Planning Department involve compiling statistical reports for Council updates, Statistic Canada Reports and Canada Mortgage and Housing Reports, providing information and assistance to the public on a walk in basis and collecting and recording of various fees for permits, water meters, development charges and zoning certificates.

The Department also answers all zoning requests for the Municipality, which include written responses to solicitors and financial institutions when ownership of a property is transferring, and/or for mortgage purposes. The Building and Planning Department is composed of two functional branches with specific responsibilities in each area.

Do you have an open building permit?

All building permits are issued to the registered landowner. It is their responsibility to ensure all work is complete by getting copies of inspection results. Building permit files can only close once the final inspection is completed to the satisfaction of the Building Inspector. These inspections must be requested. Please contact the Municipal Office to check the status of a building permit.

Energy Efficiency Design Summary (EEDS) Forms and FAQ's

New EEDS forms and FAQ's are now available to assist permit applicants, designers, contractors, energy evaluators and building officials in navigating the new SB-12 requirements.  With refinements to the energy efficiency compliance path options in SB-12 it was felt separate forms for the prescriptive and performance methods would better serve the industry. The two forms capture similar information found on the old form and incorporate the new changes coming into effect January 1, 2017. When using the forms it is important that the information being captured from the Architectural and Mechanical documents is consistent. The Guide on the reverse side of the form provides some additional information on completing the forms. The EEDS forms are included in our permit application and we invite you to visit the OBOA website for more information:


The Province of Ontario, through the Ontario Building Code Act and the Ontario Building Code, is responsible for the development of building regulations. These documents outline specific regulations and requirements that are to be adhered to from the submission of an application, the plan review, and inspections. The purpose of the Code is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the public and building occupants. Each municipality is then responsible for the review, inspections and enforcement of the Code as laid out by the Province of Ontario for their specific area.

The primary responsibility of the Building Department is the issuance of Building Permits. Every application requires plans review, permit processing and field inspections as required by the Municipal By-law or Building Code.

It is also the Zoning By-law Administrator for the Municipality. Prior to issuing any permits, applications have to be reviewed to verify compliance to the Township's Comprehensive Zoning By-law provisions for each specific request. In some cased the Building branch becomes the initial step.

In addition, the Chief Building Official is the Property Standards Officer for the Municipality. Property Standards involves the enforcement of a By-law regulating the physical condition of structures and property within the municipality. The Building Department responds to complaints received and follows up with an enforcement procedure as required under the provisions of the Act.

Administration of the Sign By-law is also a function of the Building Department, which includes issuing of permits, enforcement of the By-law and collection of fees.

Our goal is to continue serving our clients in a courteous, professional manner to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the citizens building and occupying structures in the Township of Selwyn.


One of the most important responsibilities municipalities have is land use planning. It gives people an opportunity to decide how they would like to see their community develop over the years ahead and to introduce regulations that can help to shape the development of the community. There are three main tools used by municipalities to control land use in. These are the official plan, the zoning by-law, and subdivision control. In Ontario, the provisions of the Planning Act apply to the use of these three tools. The challenge is that of striking a reasonable balance between the interests of individual property owners and the interests of a community. We ensure that the planning process incorporates public and stakeholder involvement and balances the needs of numerous parties through the land development process. Our goal is to make the Township of Selwyn an even better place to live and visit by making the Township a safe and well built community.

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