Memorial Bench Program

Benches and trees along the Trail make you feel welcome! They enhance the overall trail experience for everyone. Residents and visitors are invited to sit and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. The Trail isn't just a way to get from here to there, but a place to be; a place to take a moment and reflect on the history of the Village of Lakefield and those who helped make it the vibrant community that it is today.

Many benches and trees have been planted along the trail. The Lakefield Trail Stewardship Committee thanks all those who have donated these enhancements to our Trail.

View the Lakefield Trail Benches

As you walk the trail you may take a seat and notice a plaque on a bench, this plaque explains who placed the bench there and why; many are to honour a loved one. We have a picture of each bench located along the trail which can be viewed as a map.

Click Here to View the Map

When you click on the image showing where the benches are the map shows a picture of the plaque. So, if you've bought a bench, whether you are from the area or not, you can keep in touch with the bench that you bought for your loved one. As you can see, our waterfront includes many memorial benches. We do, however, have space for additional memorial trees.

Purchase a Memorial Bench

If you wish to mark a special occasion or Memorial Bench Imagecelebration, to honour someone special or to create a lasting memory of a loved one, you can arrange to have a bench placed along the Trail in his or her name, usually in the location of your choice. A plaque with the donor's name and an inscription is placed with the bench. The benches are of the highest quality, are maintenance free and long lasting.

The Stewardship Committee will install the bench in your chosen location along the Lakefield Trail.

For more information please call 705-292-9507 Ext. 243 or email Parks & Recreation Department.

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