The area “Lakefield South” is what is known as a secondary planning area and is about 370 acres, comprised of 9 individual properties that are privately owned (see map below – area outlined in green). This secondary planning area was established in 2003 to expand Lakefield as a larger settlement area, i.e. this area is part of the Lakefield Ward. Most of the lands are to be developed for residential purposes with some small-scale commercial, a road network and parks/open space. Public meetings and open houses were held prior to the approval of this area being incorporated into the Township’s Official Plan in 2003.

Since 2003, there has been minimal development in Lakefield South. The Speed Skating Oval and the south side of Kingdon Avenue are the only areas that have had any kind development to date. In addition, property owned by AON Inc. immediately behind/adjacent to the Lakefield Fairgrounds is also part of Lakefield South. AON’s proposed plans for their property include smaller garden homes, an apartment building and a long-term care facility.

In creating Lakefield South in 2003, the following studies were completed:

  • Land use planning – identify location of residential areas, small commercial area, main road network, parks and environmental constraint areas
  • Planning Justification report
  • Traffic Impact Study
  • Opportunities and Constraints Report to assess natural features, wetlands and ecosystems
  • Population and Housing Projections
  • Water, Sanitary and Storm water systems servicing report which identified 5 servicing phases i.e. there were specific servicing requirements (treatment and distribution) identified for each phase.   As an example, Phase 1A can be developed with existing services with some minimal upgrades to pumping stations, Phase 1B requires some pumping station upgrades; Phase 2A requires new sanitary trunk main, water main upgrades, roadway and storm water improvements.   Some of this work has been completed during the past 20 years with the support of various grants and development charges.  A copy of the 2003 servicing phasing map is noted below:

2003 Servicing Phasing Map of Lakefield South

Triple T. Holdings Ltd. has purchased 4 of the 9 properties that are located in Phase 1B, Phase 2A and Phase 2B West and have submitted plans with supporting documentation which are posted on the Township’s website. Their plans are being peer reviewed for compliance with required provincial and municipal legislation and will be refined where needed. A public meeting will be scheduled when this peer review process is complete

The Township has a well-established system of Development Charges in place that considers the costs for development needs and establishes fees to ensure that the developers pay for the development costs - not existing taxpayers.  For the Lakefield South lands, there is a specific Development Charge for infrastructure needs for water (treatment and distribution), sewer (treatment and distribution), storm water systems, and the road networks for this area.  There is also general Development Charges fee that considers the impacts on park development as well as increased demand that this area will have on our library system,  fire services etc. Development Charges fees are also indexed annually to stay current with cost of living increases.


  • the Specific Development Charge (2022 rate) for a new single family dwelling in the Lakefield South Development area related specifically to water, sewer, roads, storm sewer is $12,127 per lot PLUS $3,943 per lot for the general impacts for increased service demands on Library, fire and parks infrastructure etc.

When Lakefield South was approved in 2003, approximately 2 acres (1 hectare) was designated for small scale commercial uses on lands located at the corner of Lakefield Road and the 7th Line. Triple T. Holdings Ltd. is proposing to re-allocate this defined commercial area throughout their development by incorporating ground floor commercial uses in locations where apartment/condo units are proposed. These commercial uses would be small scale businesses. The proposed changes to the commercial area would be considered by Council when the plan comes forward for public debate.

Housing, including affordable housing, is needed and the Province for many years is directing that housing be developed in areas serviced by water and sewer; this is in part to maximize areas that  have existing infrastructure and to preserve our rural areas that support agriculture and natural areas. 

The Lakefield South area is part of the Official Plan and as such the underlying residential , small scale commercial development is permitted as a right. Specific planning proposals, including the submission of Triple T. Holdings Ltd., provide the precise development plans which is subject to debate and public input where anyone can participate. 

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