A Roll Number tells you everything you need to know about where a property is located. Think of a roll number as your property's personal ID!

Here is a breakdown of a Selwyn Township roll number, using the Municipal Office property as an example:

Roll Number for the Municipal Office: 1516.020.007.58400.0000

The first four numbers identify the County and Municipality that the property is located:

  • 15 - Peterborough County
  • 16 - Selwyn Township
  • 020 - identifies the ward that the property is located, in this example, it means the property is located in the Smith Ward.

Wards within Selwyn:

010 - Ennismore Ward
020 - Smith Ward
030 - Lakefield Ward
040 - former Douro Ward

  • 007 - identifies a specific area. In this example, it tells us that this property is located in a particular area within the Smith Ward. All properties in the same area are identified using the same three digits.
  • 58400 - is the property ID number and is unique to each property. There is one I.D. number issued for each property in the Township.
  • 0000 - this grouping of numbers currently doesn't identify or represent anything specific, but exist for future use.

Look for your roll number on the top left section of your Selwyn tax notices.



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